Exmo - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Exmo - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Market Exmo has one unique feature — CashBack up to 60% on Commission charges when trading. Attractive for many participants cryptocurrency industry is a high percentage for the affiliate program — 25%.exmo

Interface exchange Exmo very intuitive and user-friendly for both professional traders and the beginners. The platform supports a wide array of languages. In addition, when working with Exmo you can use Fiat money, and best of all, the service gives you the opportunity to top up your account via payment systems of Russia and Ukraine.

Many users use this service as a passive income from the referral program.

Exmo included in the top ten in the BTC trade and other Althingi in the CIS. In addition, it is the only platform where cryptocurrency is trading against the Russian ruble. The pair with the RUB have a high trade turnover, but the reason for this a big Russian-speaking audience markets.

The developers reside in the territory of Barcelona (Spain). The motley team assembled from different countries. There are also Russian experts.

How to Deposit funds on exchange Exmo

Exmo – one of the few exchanges who has such a wide variety of methods to Fund your account. First, you can use bitcoins for purchase you need altcoins. Secondly, you can use Fiat to make the transfer.

Wallet for transactions created at the time of registration.

On the tab "Balance" you can find the list of available cryptocurrencies. In front of each of them there is a button "Add", clicking which displays the identifier of the purse for translation.

Traders can use to replenish Bank cards, transfers and a large number of payment systems, particularly those that are popular in Russia. Some time had problems with making deposits via WebMoney, but now everything works stable.

Features of the platform Exmo

A few words should be said about the support. She works around the clock and perform their duties quite adequately. Answers to questions can be found in a special section of tips, but if there are none or too lazy to look, it is possible to talk to support. The nice thing about that answer and in Russian.exmo

Attracting new customers is with the help of the referral program. Partners receive 25% of the profits Exmo with a referral. This is one of the most attractive programs for those users who like to make money on affiliate programs.

In addition to the above advantages of the crypto currency exchange Exmo there is another — legal activities and legal work with offer traders payment systems. The exchange has its own staff of lawyers who constantly analyze changes in the Legislation in respect of kryptonyte and any innovations summarize the work Exmo in accordance with the new laws.

In conclusion, we canbut to say that the exchange Exmo is one of the best services of trading cryptocurrency for Russian users, which allows you to use Fiat to trade against the national currency of Russia.

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