ForkDelta review - Scam or promising exchange?

ForkDelta review - Scam or promising exchange?

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ForkDelta is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchangethat offers a lot of tokens on the basis of ERC20.

From the title you can understand that crypto-exchange is a fork of crypto-exchanges EtherDelta

also using smart contracts (eng. smart-contract) in its operations. That is why the Commission in the form of 0.3% travel team EtherDelta.etherdelta форк

Anyway, crypto-exchange ForkDelta has a new listing system, order book, with its unique API and UI interface for the development of each component can be followed on GitHub.

Advantages ForkDelta

Decentralized crypto-exchange

ForkDelta is a decentralized crypto-exchange that allows you to trade as tokens of Ether and other crypto-assets on the basis of Ethereum with other users. Exchange is not regulated by a centralized body to store user and facilitate transactions. Such crypto-exchanges, trades occur directly between users that use the sameMarch contracts.

Large selection token on the basis of the ERC-20

The altcoins market is actively developing, and ForkDelta tries to match the trends. Almost every token on the basis of the ERC-20 is available for trading on ForkDelta. In addition, almost daily added more tokens.

By the time of this writing, there are about 970 ForkDelta altcoins.

Possible listing of the token

Any community member ForkDelta participating in ICO crypto-exchange, may request the listing of the new token on ForkDelta. The procedure is simple and absolutely free. In fact, some investors believe that due to the fact that EtherDelta beginning to monetize the addition of new crypto-assets, community members decided to hold a fork.обзор deltaforce сайт

Easy access

If you already have an Ethereum-wallet, no need to register in ForkDelta. Simply link your digital wallet with MetaMask or Ledger.

Disadvantages ForkDelta

The lack of information

We were unable to find on the website ForkDelta any information about the company that is responsible for creating the exchange, its headquarters, etc.

Also, we were unable to find information about fees for withdrawals, since almost all crypto exchanges are introducing at this stage a Commission. Lack of information definitely enters into the dark ForkDelta.

Trading only with ETH, traditional currencies are not supported

Trading on ForkDelta occurs exclusively in currency pairs with Ethereum. In addition to crypto exchange ForkDelta you'll find a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC), title="Litecoin course" href="kriptovaluti/ethereum">Litecoin (LTC), USDT or any other token is not created on the basis of the ERC-20.

Dependence on Ethereum

The functionality of a decentralized crypto-exchange ForkDelta depends on smart contracts located in blockchain-Ethereum, so if the Ethereum network will suffer due to congestion transaction on ForkDelta also will greatly suffer.

The platform is not good enough

Interface exchange ForkDelta looks identical EtherDelta, and the latter, in turn, is not convenient enough in terms of user usage. For example, the choice of token is in one drop-down list that does not have search capability.

Here's how it looks:etherdelta forkdelta обзор

Trading is not fast enough

Due to the fact that each trade transaction in ForkDelta executed through smart contracts, crypto trading on that exchange (or any other decentralized) is not fast enough.

There is no possibility of margin trading

As in most exchanges, ForkDelta also provides the opportunity of trading with borrowed funds.

Uncompetitive fees

Trading on ForkDelta includes commissions in the amount of 0.3% when placing orders in addition to a small Commission for signing transactions in Ethereum. This is above the average level in the cryptocurrency sector.


Though it may seem that many cryptocurrency traders began to move to the new exchange from EtherDelta, which still has some nuances, there are a couple things that cause some concern.

First, is the lack of any information about the company exchange.

Secondly, ForkDelta strictly depends on the CEti Ethereum.

And finally, thirdly, on the exchange represented the only assets on the basis of Ethereum.

If you prefer to trade cryptocurrencies using an adjustable platform Forex brokers is perhaps a worthy alternative.

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