HitBTC - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

HitBTC - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency marketHitBTC – reliable and time-tested platform for trading, which began in 2013 (some in 2015). A large share of all reviews that you can find on the Internet are positive. Now HitBTC included in 20-ku the largest trading volumes of cripture. The daily turnover of bitcoin fluctuates at around 16 thousand.

Features of the platform

The first thing that can really help to attract experienced and novice traders the ability to trade pairs BTC against three Fiat currencies (GBP, USD and EUR). Also there are almost 400 cryptocurrency pairs with the involvement of even little-known in the world of altcoins that only gives an advantage HitBTC to similar resources.

High trading volumes affect the liquidity of crypto currency exchange, reducing the exchange difference between willing to buy tokens and those selling them.

The presence of its own API makes it possible to carry out trading with the help of a special trading bots.

Security of personal information of traders is carried out by two-factor authentication. It is used during authorization on the website, and if you want to order a withdrawal. However, by default this feature is off; its activation is in the settings section.

The exchange is popular in countries such as Russia, USA, China (here are concentrated the main audience), Vietnam, Japan and Brazil.

HitBTC has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other kryptomere:

  •  Low Commission — from 0.1% of the transaction amount;
  • Huge selection cryptocurrency pairs;
  • High liquidity platform due to the large turnover;
  • A set of financial tools that allow for effective and profitable trading;
  • The use of Fiat for depositing and withdrawal of funds, as well as the use of three major currencies (USD, GBR, EUR) for sales;
  • Professional work with technical support specialists;
  • Maximum security of personal data of traders and transactions;
  • Perfect reputation confirmed by a huge number of positive reviews on the Internet and excellent work during the whole period of its existence;
  • Not a mandatory verification process (if you will not use Fiat money).

Of the shortcomings can be noted only the presence of only two languages (English and Chinese) that tells about the orientation of the exchange in the domestic Chinese market, and not too user-friendly interface that is complex to learn for beginners at cryptotrading.

How to Deposit in HitBTC

The cryptocurrency occurs in the section "Account". To refill you need to make a transfer of bitcoins to the specified on the tab "Deposit" the ID of the wallet. Not to be mistaken, the developers have provided a button "Copy", which copies the ID value to the clipboard. However, at the time of the transfer be carefully and before sending check the BTC wallet number.hitbtc

For Deposit you can use real money, however, it is necessary through a process of identity verification. In this second level of verification (Verified) allows for daily input and output up to 2000 USD/EUR (but not more than 10,000 per calendar month). The third level (Qualified) increases the amount of input and output up to 10 thousand a day (but not more than 50 thousand per month).

The process of crediting funds to the personal account of the trader when using Fiat could be delayed up to 14 days, and the output to 20. But the identification can take several weeks and in some cases for a month or two.

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