Huobi - cryptocurrency exchange is working around the world.

Huobi - cryptocurrency exchange is working around the world.

Crypto trading platform Huobi represented in most countries of the world. At the time of creation of the material she was working in 130 countries, simultaneously planning the opening of an office in the us city of San Francisco. The main office is located in Singapore. The reason for the popularity is the low fee in comparison with most regional and foreign competitors.

The story begins in China in 2013. Since Chinese platform for traders managed to break in by offering an exchange of the national currency (RMB) on bitcoin and other coins on favorable terms.

The first difficulties arose in 2017, when state regulators began to pressure on the cryptocurrency market. The company ceases activities in the Chinese territory, runs the website on a new domain called The user remains the same and users didn't lose anything.

Key features

Chinese developers have managed to combine the exchanger, a classic crypto-exchange with a huge number of couples and even blockchain incubator HuobiLabs, where anyone can invest in interesting and promising projects. Such a Kickstarter in Chinese, and with reference to the internal token HT. They can vote for projects. The voice is only 0,1 HT-token.huobi labs blockchain

It should say, then, that the issue did not involve foreign investment, the ICO was not performed. The management has invested their own money. Dispensing a new asset, a significant part of the gave developers with freezing for the next four years. Since the launch of licensee has sold 300 million coins. They can be used within the system (for Commission discounts). They can also be bought and sold like any altcon, speculating on the course. In the spring of 2018 will be issued an official wallet.

Another important difference from the analogues is the presence of margin trading, which is not on many Japanese and American bitcoin exchanges.

How to register and verify the account?

To register follow these few simple steps:

  • On the main page of the official website go to the registration form, fill it in, putting a contact number or an email address. There will be sent a validation code which you can enter.
  • Verifizierung, specifying the passport details and attach a scan of the document. The passport cannot be processed in the graphic editors, otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • The test period is small.

huobi криптовалютная биржа

Now you can update your account. In this section there are separate tabs for currency and margin trading. At first you wind the crypt and Fiat, the second use for leverage. Supported transfer of money and tokens between them. Deposit funds only in crypto-assets. Time flows rarely exceed 20 minutes. For Takeru and makers – 0,2%.

Now you can create orders, use the tab "exchange" to control the settings of margin, receiving information on the risks and price of liquidation. Fee for using credit assets – 0.1% on the day. Conclusion through the same interface (choose the withdraw option).

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