Idex Overview of the exchange - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Idex Overview of the exchange - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Instruction for use IDEX

We will talk about one of the new markets'cryptoprotocol IDEX. It is a decentralized crypto currency exchange that lets you trade Ethereum (standard ERC20).

The structure of the exchange

3 components IDEX – smart contract, the trading engine and arbitration to process the transaction:

  1. Smart contract. His task is reliably cryptocephaline and to regulate Commerce. Only the crypto currency exchange IDEX can supply the signed transaction to the network Ethereum. Thus, control of order processing of transactions.
  2. In the process of trading in real time the balance polzovatelnitsa. The personal keys are needed only in order to authorize the transaction for the contracts. Because of this, more transactions can't be undone.
  3. Authorized stalliontube to arbitration. They are recorded serially in the correct order. This ensures speed and security.

The interface is in English, so we will further explain aspects of working with cryptoprotocol.

How to create and connect the walletidex

You can enter on the personal wallet. For this we need to create the wallet. After opening the website, the following window will appear:

Beginners should press the button "EXPLORE". Open the main working window. In the future, once we become the owners wallet, a crypto currency exchange can be accessed by pressing the "UNLOCK WALLET".

The toolbar in the upper right cornerin the main window allows you to configure the day/night, check out the FAQ's, to unlock the wallet. To create the wallet, use the button "NEW WALLET»:idex

Connection wallet

The password must be complex. The ability to recover is not provided. After entered the password,click"IUNDERSTAND, CREATENEWWALLET»:idex

Create a password

Save Your file-key is done by clicking the "DOWNLOAD KEYSTORE FILE". Also the ability to recover it is impossible. To obtain the private key, tap"GOT IT. GET MY PRIVATE KEY»:idex

Download file

The private key should be sent to the storage location of the password and a keyfile.

Save the keyidex

After you create a wallet click on the "RETURN TO EXCHANGE." Appears again in the main window, select in the top right corner of the section "UNLOCK WALLET".

In the case of the purse to air it can connect to exchange without creating a new wallet.

How to unlock wallet? This can be done with pomodori key, private key, MetaMask, wallet Ledger.idex

Market IDEX how to login

First variant. It is selected by default. You have to press the"SELECT WALLET FILE", then in the new window select your file:t="idex" width="100%" />

Input by file key

After that enter the password and click "UNLOCK" to unlock the purse. Back to the main window.

The "HELP" section will help to solve problems unlock.

After connecting the wallet, change the toolbar interface:idex


The first section, "EXCHANGE" remains, it will appear on the sections with orders and balances. If you hover the mouse on the little menu appears, where there is a wallet address. You can go to block Explorer Ethersca, change wallet, create new wallet or out.

How to add and withdraw assets from the stock exchange

For kriptoloji first you need to top up your balance. How to do it?

The wallet needs to be connected to a crypto currency exchange, and there must be tokens. In the absence of the latter need to perform their translation. In addition, the wallet should be ETH because of the transaction contemplated by the Commission.

After that you should navigate and choose the"FULL BALANCES»:idex


There will be a table with the following columns:

  • Asset (symbol token);
  • Name (its full name);
  • MyWalletBalance (the balance of the purse, which is connected to the exchange);
  • My IDEX Balance (the balance in the exchange IDEX);
  • OnOrders (the balance of open limit orders);
  • IDEX USD Valueon (the price of tokens on the balance sheet of the exchange, as specified in dollars);
  • Actions (for example, creating dethe pozit, withdrawal, transfer).

Sostojanie.lechenie viewed using the blockchain. The balance of all tokens visible using the button "QUERY ALL". This button is located in the header of the table (column "MyWalletBalance"). Viewing a particular token – QUERY button beside the requested token.

Then click "DEPOSIT»:idex


In the new window enter the amount to transfer to the balance IDEX. To transfer all sums – button "Sendentirebalance". These are the minimum amounts for input and output. Choose under them the price of gas and the Commission will postavlena automatically. Click "DEPOSIT".

Then confirms this operation. After processing the Deposit will be made to the balance of the crypto currency exchange.

The story balances (the "BALANCE HISTORY") helps to track the Deposit:idex

History of replenishment and removal

How to withdraw scriptactive on your wallet of scripturi? After piscataqua click in front of him "WITHDRAW". Enter the amount for withdrawal and re-press the button "WITHDRAW»:idex

The excretion of scriptaction

"Withdrawentirebalance" is used to display the whole amount. Confirm this operation. Will be on descriptionsleek the transfer of assets. In addition, you can transfer funds from one purse to another. This will help the button "TRANSFER" next to the desired token:="idex" width="100%" />

How to translate tokens

The algorithm is as follows: to set the address for translation, to translate, to specify the transfer amount and set price for gas. In the "GasPrice" automatically set the recommended number of gas. Then click "TRANSFER" and confirm the operation.

Trade on a crypto currency exchange

The fun starts now. Work is carried out in the section entitled "EXCHANGE»:idex

How to choose a trading pair

You need to choose the table market for trading and token (1). Then you can see the chart (2) from the service Included with all instruments. Below you can see the forms of purchase and sale and tables with supply and demand:idex

Purchase and sale

Choose the order type, the number of tokens for purchases or sales, and then click the "BUY" or "SELL".

In the window with the order press the "OK"button. Order in the work, it remains to wait for its execution.

History can be viewed under "ORDERS»:idex

Review the history of orders

Work with the platform IDEX similar work with other similar cryptopleurum. However, it is more promising.

What can I say about crypto currency exchange IDEX

Cryptopleura has its own particular strengths. That is what its users value:

  • Convenient and not overloaded interface;
  • Operational work orders;
  • A clear mechanism for displaying balances and orders';
  • A more intuitive diagrams, because of the use of data TradingView;
  • Search tokens according to;
  • Detailed help.
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