Kraken Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Kraken Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

The crypto currency exchange Kraken is a leader among similar services in terms of trading pair bitcoin/Euro.

The exchange is the brainchild of the organization Payward. On the present activity of the resource is not controlled by any one known to the Supervisory authority, but this is a normal situation for the cryptocurrency industry.payward

Many users report high availability of the exchange and the absence of any disruptions due to successful attacks.

A very important point was the fact that the exchange has chosen a traders victims of Mt.Gox, a large Japanese crypto currency exchange, which went bankrupt four years ago after a few very strange occurrences. Users can claim damages through Kraken as this resource was a partner of extinct Mt.Gox in terms of processing transactions for the benefit of creditors.

Features of the platform

The website is available in three languages: Japanese, English British and American, despite the huge number of users from other countries.

The number of cryptocurrency pairs on 1 January 2018 was 48, but as noted above, a key feature of the exchange — trading pairs: BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, the ETH/ETH and USD/EUR.

A large share of all assets, other than those necessary for the conduct of trading, is stored in cold wallets, providing maximum safety to the users.

Exchange offers traders a huge variety of trading tools, but in the first place, Kraken known as the best service by trade BTH and ETH vs the us dollar and the Euro. However, users can easily trade and other Althingi.kraken

Platform allows you to use leverage, but this opportunity is not available for all instruments. The leverage varies from 1:2 to 1:5. Trading without coating obliges to pay Commission in the range of 0,01%-0,02%, which are deducted from the account of the trader every four hours.

The exchange withdraws a fee for participation in trading. Its size depends on business turnover over the past 30 calendar days and the type of orders. Order Taker Commission varies from 0,1%-0,26%, for Maker – 0%-0,16%.

As a source for displaying graphic information is applied TradingView platform, so the trader has access to a huge set of tools for market analysis and are interested in currency pairs.

In addition to the official website, crypto currency exchange Kraken has its own mobile app, but today it only works on iOS.

How to Deposit funds on exchange Kraken

Refill for the platform can be realized, as with the usual cryptoidentity token and Fiat money. In the second case there is one, but face to face an important constraint. All the usual Deposit methods Bank cards and popular payment systems such as Skrill, is unavailable. To transfer euros or dollars only by Bank transfer.

Deposit is available only after user verification procedures, which here consists of four stages, but, as noted by users, much time it takes.

To replenish the account using tokens, you must choose one of the cryptocurrency exchange and chemerisovat the ID of the wallet, which you will need to do the translation.

General procedure for replenishment Kraken not different from similar services, so if you are a beginner, the big problem with this question should arise. In any case, you can contact the support professionals that will help you to solve the problem.

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