Mercatox - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Mercatox - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Platform Mecatox is a multifunctional exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. The assurance of a team of developers, they want to create a totally unique financial instrument in a digital society, which will combine all the currently known tokens.mercatox

In addition, the exchange's management Mercatox says that they launched absolutely unique product having no analogues.

Here on one platform United:

  •  Payment system;
  • The possibility of trading in automatic mode;
  • p2p exchange using smart contracts.

Now the users of the exchange can make use of 158 of the crypto currencies, the ability to use Mercatox as e-purse to store tokens. For site owners available native APIs.

On January 1, 2018, the site is available only trih languages: English, Russian and Chinese — it shows the orientation of the platform, however, the site registered traders from different parts of the world.

Own cryptocurrency

The stock exchange has its own tokens — MERCA. Call them full-fledged digital currency impossible. MERCA more like securities, which brings profit to its owners from the operation of the crypto currency exchange.

In 2016, was launched crowdfunding company. It lasted one month. In the sale there were 20,000 tokens, which price was 0.005 BTC per unit. But for a company platform managed to sell about 2.5 thousand, the restnye was left lying as a reserve asset. All attracted by the BTC went to the extension of the functionality of the resource.

Features of exchange

The platform is constantly adding new digital currency for bidding. The addition takes place two methods: with the help of voting and paid addition.

In the first case, the voice of the users of the exchange, each of which monthly has five votes. The token that gathers the most number of votes gets listed.mercatox site

In the second case the developer of the cryptocurrency must provide leadership Mercatox full API documentation and all the data about the tokens. The cost of entering the listing is 2.5-3 BTC.

How to Deposit in Mercatox

Deposit funds on the stock exchange are available, such as through the digital tokens and with the help of Fiat currency. For the Russian-speaking community will be good news that your account may be replenished rubles. You can use the two popular in Russia payment systems: Qiwi and J. Money. qiwi я.деньги

To Deposit using cryptocurrency there are about seventy types of tokens, including such little known as OmiseGO, Golem, Enigma and other. Of course, what popular bitcoin.


As a result, we note the advantages and disadvantages of this platform for trading.


  • A large set of cryptowalls vapor, which is constantly updated;
  • The use of Fiat currency to refill;
  • The ability to influence the emergence of new tokens;
  • Multilingual.

From the obvious drawbacks I want to mention only two:

  • There is no opportunity to use to enter the crypt of Bank cards;
  • Low liquidity because of small trading volumes.
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