The market of cryptocurrency exchanges are a new player. What kind of BitBox?

The market of cryptocurrency exchanges are a new player. What kind of BitBox?

Cryptocurrency exchange BitBox is an exchange based in Singapore. It will be managed by a Singaporean company, Line Tech Plus running Line and LVC Corp. The company Line was in Tokyo. She is known for her series of a variety of mobile messengers. Line main markets are Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Line, in turn, is a subsidiary of Naver, which regulates popular Korean portal Naver.

Currently, BitBox supports about 30 or more cryptocurrency assets, among which are the popular currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Crypto-exchange allows you to trade only between tokens and does not support trading between Fiat currencies and cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, BitBox is not available in the US and Japan is likely due to uncertainty in regulation. The lack of a presence in Japan will significantly reduce the potential growth BitBox in the near future as the Japanese market is the largest Line from the point of view of profit, the influence of users and the market.

Anyway, in Line focus on the design BitBox'and to attract the maximum possible number of users.

BitBox translated into 15 languages including English and Korean.

To guarantee the highest possible level of security, BitBox decided to move to integrate its services with another popular crypto-service — BitGo.

BitGo — the solution provider for cryptogreticheskoe protection of various kinds of startups, and the digital wallet.

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