Poloniex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Poloniex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

The crypto currency exchange Poloniex can safely be called one of the largest platforms for cryptotrading in the world. It is the largest trading volumes for all Aldona that are available for exchange bitcoin.

The exchange appeared in 2014, and its founder is Tristan dagosta. By the way, many of the employees of the crypto currency exchange still adhere to anonymity. The reason for this is the fact that kriptonyte partly is still shady business, and market does not have the necessary licenses for implementation of activities in some countries, for example, in the United States.

The service is not standing still and is constantly evolving. Proof of the popularity of the platform Poloniex is the annual turnover which almost reached $ 1 billion.

Features of exchange Poloniex

After registering on the platform, which can be carried out under the simplified scheme with the help of social media accounts, you must complete a two-step verification process. The passage of only the first stage limits the daily amount of the withdrawal (user can withdraw only 2 thousand dollars every day). After the trader will provide the necessary verification documents, his daily limit will be increased to $25 000.poloniex site

Exchange does not work with Fiat. The dollar exchange rate is tied to the token Tether in a 1:1 ratio. But often the course does not match the declared — result krizisnyh times, so it scares beginners who want to withdraw their funds from the platform.

To work on the stock exchange only in the browser; still there was not a single mrich application, though the news about it appear with enviable frequency.

The address of Poloniex there were allegations of fraud, users claimed that the platform itself regulates the course of the cryptocurrency. In addition, the service is constantly exposed to powerful DdoS attacks, which affects its performance.

On Poloniex operates the traditional model of commissions, aimed at stimulating liquidity. That is a trader receives a smaller Commission due to the greater volume of trading. This model was chosen, the platform supports a wide variety of tokens and the need to provide high liquidity for each of them.

Exchange only supports English, despite the huge number of users from Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries.

The platform is very serious about security and all operations performed on the service, so if any transaction seems weird, the user may require compulsory verification. The funds in the trader's account will be frozen.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with easy navigation;
  • Huge functionality, including the granting of loans;
  • A large number of cryptocurrency pairs and liquid trading instruments;
  • Low fees for transactions I/o and transaction;
  • Information graphics, understandable even to a beginner.


  • The lack of support for Fiat currency;
  • Weak support;
  • Private Punp and Dump.

How to Deposit funds on exchange Poloniex

To Deposit funds to Polonecks there is no tab “Balances" through which you can get to the "Deposit". On the page you can select your desired tokens and confirm their purchase. As already mentioned, the exchange does not allows the use of Fiat, so buy the cryptocurrency will have for BTC. Bitcoins can also be obtained from other participants of the cryptocurrency industry, they can be "get" or use the special cryptomenysis services, which allow you to use Fiat.

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