Wex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Wex - Review exchanges - General information and peculiarities of buying cryptocurrency

Wex is a relatively young market, but many users noticed a great similarity with the crypto currency exchange BTC-e, known for a number of unfortunate events. The user platform accepted the fact that he received any assets from the exchange. The accounts all traders from BTC-e successfully migrated to the new service. In the first week of its operation the facility running in test mode.

As reported on the official website of the company, the exchange intends to conduct its activities in accordance with the applicable legislation of those countries, which extends its work.

Features of the platformwex site

The daily turnover on bitcoin Wex is about 1000-1200 tokens. The attendance of the resource by 1 January 2018 has exceeded 5.5 million users.

The interface exchange is available in several languages, including in Russian.

The crypto currency exchange charges a fee per transaction. To learn exact fees, you can enter the quantity purchased or sold tokens. Press the button "Calculate" and the program will instantly reflect the fee for the surgery.

At Wex, there is one big drawback is the lack of full trading platform. On the site the trader will find a chart for Japanese with candles, without the ability to scale and switch between different time ranges, so if you decide to trade on the stock exchange, it is best to establish a normal platform for instance MetaTrader.

If we talk about security, the safety of tokens provided by the technology of the blockchain. In addition, work on the exchange are protected with two-factor authentication. All transactions are confirmed by e-mail or mobile phone number. Now it is the bestth way to save money from theft, even in the case that your account was hacked.

How to top up your account

Exchange takes as a huge number of tokens, and Fiat. Traders can use Deposit a cryptocurrency as DASH, zcash for, BTC, Bitcoin , Gold and other types of altcoins. Deposit real money signs you can use international money transfers, as well as some payment systems, for example, J. Money.

To buy a first crypt you need to go to "finances". It documents all available methods of Deposit. It is necessary to choose one of them and to carry out the transaction.

When using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency: the Commission for Deposit is not taken, but Fiat is not the case — it all depends on the chosen method of Deposit.


To use Wex or no trading, everyone decides for themselves. One of the advantages are the saving of all accounts of traders who exchange BTC-e plus the ability to use Fiat currency for the account. Of the shortcomings — weak informational content, why it's necessary to download the popular platform for trading a small number of cryptocurrency pairs (47) and low liquidity resource due to the small trade turnover. Of course, to look at the crypto currency exchange is, at least, in order to see how the former developers of BTC-e will develop a new product.

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