график курса биткоин к доллару

Graph of bitcoin exchange rate

Graphics cryptocurrency market can be compared with the ECG. The more often observed his hesitation, the lively market. If you know in what direction or point is necessary to see that such a graph can tell a lot as it not only reflects the growth rate of BTC or his fall.

Why you need a chart of bitcoin

Daily market millions of traders make buy and sell cryptocurrency, making it the cost varies. Such fluctuations of exchange rate of bitcoin to dollar online called quotes. For ease of tracking and graphs.

The graph allows to analyze the state of the cryptocurrency market, particularly the market of bitcoin against other currencies, in real time, which contributes to making more informed decisions about buying or selling tokens. To get the maximum amount of useful information schedule you can configure time interval or according to the type of display the prices.

Who needs graphics course bitcoin?

All trade on the cryptocurrency market is divided into investment and speculative. From this we can say that the graph of bitcoin exchange rate to the dollar and other currencies need two categories of traders:

  • Investors. They use cryptocurrency as an asset for long-term investment. With the development of kriptonyte growing value of bitcoin, despite occasional abrupt fluctuations. The graph shows the investor the General state of Affairs chosen for investirovaniya currency, reflects a possible seasonal decrease or increase its cost;

  • Speculators. This category of traders trying to capitalize on the abrupt movement of the value of bitcoin. Each of them uses its own trading strategy and trying to predict how the bitcoin exchange rate today or in the coming days. If their assumptions were correct, it is possible to obtain a solid income.

Graph in real time — not only a useful source of information to find out today bitcoin exchange rate for the year or the magnitude of the changes over the past day, week, month, it is the main tool for any trader how to traditional stock exchange and on the cryptocurrency market.