Bounty not only chocolate

Bounty not only chocolate


Few people know, but the bountyis not only a chocolate bar with coconut, but a specialized program used to attract investors, but rather the promotion of ICO on the market.

With proper construction bounty programs, you can count on serious success in the promotion of the product.

Creation and promotion of

Before to start the implementation of the bounty, you must determine the amount required for this budget. In most cases, this is 3-7% of the total volume of produced tokens. Such a system of remuneration motivates the performers on the quality of work that can increase the value of the coins, and with it the assets of the user.

This step requires to define the main marketing channels, develop relevant programs, and to provide financial means. After this command is typed in, which have to promote. Most often recruited through specialized forums.

Recruitment of project participants on the forum suggests that each of them will be based on your own skills to a certain level, respectively, and the amount of payment will be the difference. Meanwhile, the involvement of experts with high ratings is often cheaper than advertising through the official administration of the sites linked to confidence of investors in the recognised specialists.

In case the main communication channels used, social network, payment is made to the users for immediate action, for example, affixing the husky or the placement of advertising links on the project. It should be noted that the complexity of the verification work requires in most cases to pay for the expense of the budget allocated for the organization of the advertising company in social networks.

Given the lack of precise mathematical calculation capabilities of the efficiency of the bounty, to the absolute value is not possible. Nevertheless, relative performance evaluation may be conducted. It is needed primarily in order to refocus the team on the most effective promotion channels, increasing the overall efficiency of the undertaken actions.

However, such the ability to change directions needs to be provided at the project design stage, to avoid possible problems.

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