Use a cold wallet for bitcoin-assets

Use a cold wallet for bitcoin-assets

The term "cold bitcoin wallet" means the SOFTWARE required to store a cryptocurrency that does not involve daily transactions. It is optimal to keep it on the hard drive of the computer that is not connected to the global network. There is no access from the Internet – there is no danger of becoming a victim of hackers.

In contrast to the "hot wallet"that is used for exchanges and exchangers, such a remedy is akin to the Deposit, the only difference is that the projected dividend in the form of annual interest charges. You get a piggy Bank in which bitcoin can be stored until you do need it.

Such tools on the market a lot. Among the proven and reliable deserves the attention of Vault from the company Coinbase.

Coinbase Vault

It works a bit differently than usual tools. Your BTC are stored offline, but not on the local PC, and in different places in the world.

bitcoin world

To receive funds, the user goes through a multi-stage control, and the term of transaction up to two days. During this time, the account holder can cancel the transfer. Very convenient in case of unauthorized access. Among the users of this service there is a large international company-level Dell.

For those who do not want to trust the storage of bitcoinow outsiders, there is a desktop application. It's simple clients, installed on HDD or USB flash drive. The best known are Electrum and Bitcoin Core. This is the most reliable storage options. Winchester with a software wallet can be put in a safe or Deposit box and "forget" for some time.

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