The account of the investor and his need

The account of the investor and his need


Attribute of almost any site in the area of ICO is the presence of the account of the investor. This is the partition that generated all the information about the project and his participation in it. Through the personal account the user gets access to information about the current status of the project, rules of conduct of investment activities and so on.

First and foremost it is a tool of convenience, to simplify for the customer to navigate the website. Collected in a single tab all necessary information and functionality of purchase and sale make the project more attractive for the investorwho wants to get their hands on extremely simple in everyday use.

Assuming that the Cabinet is properly configured, it can significantly extend the functionality. Using it you can:


  • Provides extremely easy access to data about the project and the status of their investments invested in ICO. Providing information in a convenient form assures customer loyalty.
  • Much simpler operations on purchase/sale of cryptocurrency that allows you to attract a large number of novice investors who do not have knowledge for complex manipulations.
  • Provides access to communication capabilities, communication with other members of the ICO, participated in various polls and surveys on the platform.
  • Ensures the placement of the currency without requiring multiple exchanges, which positively affects the speed and ease of implementation by the creators of your project.
  • Broad functionalthe features available in the dashboard, have a positive impact on the image of the project, as their implementation requires certain material expenses and realized not all start-UPS.

It should be noted that the presence of the personal account is not a mandatory element of the project, but hidden in it is the advantages of use make its use advantageous for the design. Invested in its development tools easy kompensiruet increased customer loyalty and expansion of the number of participants of the project.

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