Effect McAfee or how to bring crypto startups are in the top one day

Effect McAfee or how to bring crypto startups are in the top one day

John McAfee (born. John McAfee) — this famous Scottish computer programmer and Creator of the popular McAfee antivirus. According to NewsBTC, McAfee was one of the first people who realized the future of cryptocurrency and quickly became a "fashion-model" in the cryptocurrency industry.

In periods of instability and lack of legitimate cryptocurrency ratings and ICO, John McAfee decided to take matters into their own hands and wrote an article impact on the crypto market, called "McAfee effect".

In it McAfee claims that more income requires less selfishness.

As stated in The Verge, tweets on the subject of cryptocurrencies is able to influence the cryptocurrencies. A vivid example — last year, when the token Burst jumped by 350% immediately after a single tweet McAfee.

As a result, under the influence of its own success, he decides to create a team called "McAfee Crypto Team".

The team will promote the ICO campaigns in the cryptocurrency market. Visit the official team website reported that "the impact of tweets McAfee has an explosive effect on the entire cryptocurrency industry".

By the time of the creation of your own team, one tweet McAfee already brought a growth of the cryptocurrency as at least 100%. This, in turn, allowed the organizers of the ICO to attract millions of dollars of investment.

More than 50 000 times members of the cryptocurrency community stated that "Tweets John McAfee have a powerful impact when we are talking about the ICO".

"The reason that John McAfee speaks only of those projects that he himself interesting. These projects, which McAfee himself is in", — informs the official site of McAfee Crypto Team.


The price of advertising tweets from John McAfee has settled into a stable $105 thousand If we divide this amount by 810 thousand participants of the ICO, each must pay a total of$0,13.

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