How to get Ripple - detailed guide

How to get Ripple - detailed guide

For mining any currency novice miner will have to purchase a large amount of expensive equipment. Also have a lot of time to spend, these investments have paid off. It is much easier and clever to use the pool – a special service that distributes the load calculations on all system participants. The more participants in the pool, the higher the performance and speed. But in the case of RIPL is a bit different.

First you need to say a few words about the currency of the Ripple. The company Ripple Labs is in the process of creation of its financial instrument moved from the technology of Bitcoin and does not use the system of mining. They just created 100 billion currency XRP, each of which was divided for another 1000000 particles. Leadership has left more than half, and the remaining portion was given to the members of the network. Each transaction entails a reduction in the user's account for 0.00001 XPR.

Used accumulation then removed, and a total number of currency units is reduced. In other words, you a deflationary model, the cost of which grows naturally.

It remains to ask if mine can not how to get currency?

The algorithm of obtaining currency Ripple

We offer step by step to consider the process of obtaining currency Ripple – let's call this process mining, although it is not.

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Repeat the following steps:

  1. Pass registration on the website of the Ripple and to do this, click on Wallet.

  2. After registration you will get your own secret key accounts and public address. Be sure to write it down and preferably don't store on the computer. Inside of purse contains several tabs, which are incorporated in their title.

  3. Your wallet has the status of Unfunded. It is necessary to replenish and so we plan to "mine"and not waste your money, go to the page of distributing coins. It's called Ripple Labs Giveaway.

  4. You need to choose the distribution, which is suitable for residents of the CIS. At the moment this system ComputingForGood – let's call it a pool.

  5. On this service need to register, but it can be done only after completing all the steps in the manual.

  6. Performed manual and the first step would be to register at World Community Grid.

  7. We fall on the page where you select the project where you will participate. Examine the requirements for each project to have your system meet the requirements.

  8. After selecting the project gets on the download page of the file program.

  9. After installation, reboot and login the program will start to connect to the server it takes about 5 minutes.

  10. After 5-10 minutes the program will start to download tasks and process information for decisions.

  11. To profit you need to associate your account with Ripple Labs and for this you need to click on the appropriate link – it usually looks like Join the Ripple Team.

  12. Don't forget to go to your profile and get the verification code, so you can convert the points of the project in the Ripple points.

  13. You need to go to the project page and click Start Claiming Ripple. You will need to specify the public address Ripple, login of the project, and the verification code. After the introduction of these data you will get to the statistics page.

As you can see mine here, harder than other currencies. However, it does not need significant computing power.

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