Which cryptocurrency is the most promising for investment in 2018

Which cryptocurrency is the most promising for investment in 2018

If you want to capitalize on digital tokens, there is no better way than long-term investments. That is investing in cryptocurrency allows to multiply the initial capital, and profit percentage so dizzy that with this type of passive income can match none of the existing today (unless you won the jackpot in any lottery). That's why more and more investors are looking towards the cryptocurrency industry.

In this article we will examine the most promising currency for investment in the coming 2018.

Stellar (XLM)

That is "stellar" can be put on the first place in this kind of ranking in terms of prospects for growth. According to many analysts, that 2018 will be the year of prosperity for token XLM. Its value is increasing day by day and now Stellar has entered the top ten cryptocurrency by capitalization. In 2017, the company has published information about the start of cooperation with IBM.


Because of its decentralization a call XLM killer "ripple's".

To purchase cryptocurrency stellar can on exchanges, for example, on Binance, and using payment systems. To buy affordable and popular in Russia the SS, such as Qiwi or Ya Money.

Now this currency is not very common on cryptomeria, but with its growing popularity, more and more exchanges will add it to your listing that have a positive effect on estimate.

The Stellar price forecast for 2018 is $ 30.

Ripple (XRP)


The last months of 2017, as the first months of this year was characterized by a high demand for XRP tokens.

It is a cryptocurrency is not in its usual sense. And the main difference from their "brothers" is its centralization. This suggests that the Ripple has a single owner, in whose hands is concentrated a large part of the amount of cryptocoins which is at odds with the conventional understanding of the term "cryptocurrency" technology of the blockchain.ripple

The force XRP lies in the orientation of the banking system. Now "ripple" works with such international giants, as the Central Bank of Abu Dhabi and Santander. These partners commit to growth and progress. In addition, many experts kriptonyte agree with the fact that technology Ripple worthy of the highest praise, and has been working in the economy of many countries.

The advantage of this token is the speed of transactions and near-zero fee.

All this suggests that in 2018, the interest in XRP will rise, and as a result, will increase the cost.

Forecast prices Ripple for 2018 at $ 15.



This platform has several obvious advantages. First, it's a great team, composed of high-level professionals. Second, superior technology. Third, safe and reliable wallet for storing tokens. In addition, NEM has a very high speed transactions (up to 20 SECOnd.) Now the cryptocurrency is located on the 6th place in terms of capitalization. No one on the no doubt that the token is waiting for the glorious future, and its flowering will occur in 2018.

Forecast prices NEM in 2018, $ 12.



At the time of writing, the value of the token IOTA was $ 4. Now, the cryptocurrency is one of the ten currency, according to coinmarketcap. The new platform features high reliability and security, while it is built on the blockchain technology. The promise of the token is proved by the fact of investing in such a big company like BOSCH.

Forecast prices IOTA for 2018 — $ 40.



For its functionality this platform can compete with the popular "Ether" (ETH). Advantages of a token can be mentioned the cooperation with the brainchild of bill gates, by Microsoft. At the same time to create a Stratis was used more clear language, which gave him several advantages over Ethereum.

Mining cryptocurrencies is very simple — the users must be kept in the official wallet a certain amount of tokens. The more, the better, obviously.

Forecast prices Stratis and for 2018 — $ 120.


About DanMr. project, which blew up the cryptocurrency industry in 2017, probably not only heard the people are very far from this industry. Sensational it can be called for the reason that in the framework of the ICO, he managed to collect one billion dollars, which broke all existing records. It is the amount of investment together with excellent technologies and a great team given the chance that EOS really has a future and this future can be called "gold".eos

According to the developers "EOS" will have a social network where to send the transfer it will only know the nickname of the recipient. It is also claimed that the developed algorithm allows to process several hundred thousand transactions per second. If so, it will be the first platform with such speed transaction processing.

And, what is most surprising in this story, token EOS now does not exist yet, although they are actively traded traders in numerous venues. For this reason, many experts have called the project scamnum, however, most likely, this is just fantasy. What will be the price of a cryptocurrency, when it will appear.

Forecast prices EOS for 2018 is $ 100.



In the ranking not to mention product of the Russian businessman — token WAVES, which is still undervalued, so it is somewhere outside the TOP-15 of world of cryptocurrency. It is necessary to mention that the Russian platform has unprecedented technology that can give shape to technology numerous world tokens. EXTEvite to this strong team of developers and you will get everything you need for a breakthrough, which is expected very soon.

Forecast prices WAVES for 2018 — $ 90.



About the reliability and security of cryptocurrencies is the fact that her team previously was part of the team ETH. For his writing used a popular programming language JavaScript, which is the only advantage of the token. This is a very promising form of digital money, which, moreover, has its own wallet, which can be found on the official website LISK.

Forecast prices LISK and for 2018 — $ 150.


In the opinion of the greater part of the cryptocurrency community, this is one of the most promising types of tokens that is created on the basis of the ETH. It is fully regulated by the authorities of South Korea. Responsible for the development of an experienced team of South Korean programmers have repeatedly marred the projects of kryptonyte. No one has any doubt that the upcoming ICO will be global in scale.

Price forecast IconX for 2018 is $ 100.

Cardano (ADA)


It is also called "Japanese air". This token so quickly rushed in cryptocurrency market that talked all about it. Its development takes experienced programmers in the cryptocurrency area, so you can expect a reliable and quality product. Despite the fact that it is based on ETH, ADA has its pronounced peculiar properties.

Price forecast Cardano in 2018, $ 20.



A distinctive feature of the "platform" is the ability to exchange for real money signs within the system. The token is already widespread on the Asian continent, they are widely use in Thailand. It should be noted that the EA team is notorious acne Buterin.

Forecast prices OmiseGo in 2018, $ 100.


Of course, cryptocurrency, referred to in this material is not only available for investments. The rapid development of kriptonyte led to a sharp increase in the number of different tokens. Many of them have no chance to survive in this unstable and contradictory world, some of them will be a runaway success.

The only thing you have to understand, starting to invest in cryptocurrency, any investment is evaluated in equal 50-50. You have the same chance to multiply your capital or lose invested in the development of new token money.

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