Smart bot for trading crypto-currencies 3commas will help to increase the profit⚙on!!!

Smart bot for trading crypto-currencies 3commas will help to increase the profit⚙on!!!

For anybody not a secret that digital assets are different from Fiat money a high level of volatility. To use this to their advantage, the trader needs to monitor the dynamics of changes in the value of different coins on cryptocurrency exchanges. However, people can not around the clock to monitor the state of the market, we have at least some sleep! And here come to the rescue information technology that are not in need of rest and ready to work hard all day without a break. In this article we will review a new product on the market blockchain industry: smart bot for trading cryptocurrencies 3commas. It can be used to significantly increase revenue and improve the efficiency of monitoring the investment portfolio.

On the platform 3commas system SmartTrading with the following key features:

  • The possibility of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bitstamp, HitBTC, Cex, GDAX, OKEX, Huobi, YOBIT.
  • Exchange applications stop loss (Stop Loss) and TP (take profit).
  • The tracking mechanism of the course of cryptocurrencies in all markets.
  • Notifications on the status of open orders.
  • The journal of a trader with detailed statistics about trading activity.

How does 3commas?

To start using the service, you needshould be integrate in to your account on the website 3commas account cryptocurrency exchanges. Then you need to pay a subscription for a month. The platform offers 3 different tariff plans:

  • Initial ($30). Includes: the terminal, error notifications and cancellation transactions.
  • Trading ($50). Includes: the terminal, a simple bot, personal notification, the possibility of managing the investment portfolio without autobalancing.
  • Professional ($100). Includes: the terminal, simple and compound bot, personal notification, the possibility of managing the investment portfolio with avtomalinovka.

Why the need for exchange applications Stop loss and take profit?

Let's consider the following example: you want to buy bitcoin at a certain price, you need to create a application TP, in which the specified desired value of an asset. The bot will automatically buy coins if their price reaches the specified level on any of the exchanges. In the case of application of stop loss on sale of cryptocurrency at the right price, the bot will monitor the state of the market and sell the asset if its rate will decrease to the set parameters and allows therefore to avoid large losses.

A sliding indicator take profit.

A sliding indicator take profit designed to maximize income. It works as follows:

  • You set the desired value for the sale of the asset, for example, $6.
  • If the exchange rate continues to rise above $6, the order is not executed, instead, the conditions of the take profit change: sale price increases to $7, then $8 and so on.
  • When the price of cryptocurrency is reduced by a specified percentage, which is exposed in the settings application take profit is automatically performed.
  • With this system you can earn more interest income without risk of loss.


The user is able to choose one of three methods of sending notifications:

  • Mobile app for iOS.
  • In the browser.
  • By e-mail.

In addition, you can select or disable any of the notification types (the implementation of a purchase order, the completion of the application of stop loss, etc.)

A trade magazine.

The journal is a very handy tool. There are statistics about all trading activity, the percentage of profit or loss and execution time of applications.

Composite boats.

In contrast to the simple bots, compound allow you to simultaneously trade multiple crypto-currency pairs. In this case, the transaction will be completed after performing the given conditions for each pair separately.

The service administration 3commas made a detailed video tutorial on setting up bots on Russian language!

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