How to sew under the skin of a Bitcoin wallet?

How to sew under the skin of a Bitcoin wallet?

In 2014, the Dutchman Martin Wismeijer implanted under the skin two Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. Since then, many cyberpunk and fans of cryptocurrency implanted bioimplants in hand, however, this operation is not for the faint of heart and carries certain health risks. For this reason the editors prepared an article on how to sew a crypto under the skin, and whether to do it.

Bioimplants to store Bitcoin.

Wismayer sewn under the skin two chips based on the technology of wireless data transmission NFC. The first chip he used as a cryptocurrency cold storage, the second was a hot Bitcoin wallet. The memory of both chips are made up of 880 bytes. After placing implants Martin earned the nickname Mr. Bitcoin (Mr. Bitcoin), he managed to inspire many people to install bioimplant storage of digital assets.

The first version of the biochips was the size of a grain of rice. They were placed in silica glass and then was implanted under the skin between the thumb and index finger of the right hand.

At the moment, Bitcoin wallets are implanted about 100 thousand people. The company Dangerous Things has a leading market position in the production of biochips for storing virtual currencies. The company sells a few different devices:

  • Vivokey spark ($134);>
  • Desfire ($139);
  • Xnt NFC chip ($99-173);
  • Flexnt ($149);
  • Vivokey Flex one ($1,000).

Representatives of the company declare that biochips have to install only by professionals, because the implantation of the implant requires certain skills. This operation of the Studio doing piercings and clinics specializing in the modifications of the human body. In Moscow and St. Petersburg certified Studio bodymodification Saint Scalpelburgthat sewing under the skin of the Bitcoin wallets. Services for implantation of the implants have some masters of piercing.

How much is a Bitcoin wallet implanted under the skin?

In addition to Dangerous Things, the sale of biochips are the company Digiwell and Ksec Solutions. Their chips cost from $99 to $1,000, depending on material and size of memory. Cheaper cost of the device in silicate glass, but they do not bend, therefore, can cause discomfort. Chips installed in the capsule with a synthetic polymer called faux leather, is flexible, but they will have to pay at least $200.

The implantation of the implant is from 30 to 90 thousand rubles. The procedure is not very complicated and with minimal surgical intervention.

The thickness of the biochip should not exceed 5 mm, otherwise it will cause significant discomfort. Due to the limited size of the chip is impossible to install the battery, so bioimplantation uses wireless technology RFID or NFC. The biochip can be stored.Ko crypto-currency, but any information: personal, contact, medical information. Chips technology when RFID is also used to control the computer system, for example, to open a door with the reader.

Co-founder of the Russian company Saint Scalpelburg Vlad Badmadow reported that his firm establishes at least 10 bioimplantation per year. Most of the customers were men aged 22 to 35 years who are addicted to information technology and artificial intelligence.

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