50 cycles introduced the world's first bike-miner cryptocurrency

50 cycles introduced the world's first bike-miner cryptocurrency

British manufacturer of electric bikes 50 cycles told about his plans to develop the world's first bike-miner cryptocurrency.

According to company founder Scott Snaith, "the new e-bikes under the name "Toba" will be the first product for which you can get the money".

The bike owners will be able to produce only one cryptocurrency Loyaltycoin (ANN). Tokens can be exchanged for products of 50 cycles or at other leading digital assets on the platform Loyaltycoin. Trade coins began just 10 days ago and their price has dropped to a record low of $0.0044. In the future the company 50 cycles plans to release its own virtual currency.

Each bike Toba will have a unique private key, customers will be able to track the number of extracted token in the mobile app. According to preliminary calculations, having driven 1600 kilometers can earn only $26.5. However, in the case of the appreciation Loyaltycoin, this figure could rise.

Last year there appeared information about another creative experiment. The owner of the car Tesla S has established a farm for mining cryptocurrency directly into the car and connect it to the vehicle battery. Thus, he was able to monetize the program of unlimited charging, which is available to all owners of the Tesla S and X.

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