Dorian Nakamoto

Dorian Nakamoto

Some time ago, the Creator of cryptocurrency Bitcoin , Satoshi Nakamoto came out of hiding for the sole purpose. He denied the information from the article, claiming that he is Dorian Nakamoto. The latter is a Japanese-American and lives in one of the California cities in the USA. Such findings made by American journalist L. M. Goodman, who published his speculation in Newsweek.

The consequences

A citizen, whose name is associated with one of the most mysterious personalities of the world, denies any connection with Satoshi, bitcoin, and the development of cryptocurrency. He even filed a lawsuit against the newspaper that published the article.

His reaction was caused by an unprecedented interest of the paparazzi disturbing the peace. Latest ambushed near his home, dwelt in tents, demanding an interview. To get rid of the uninvited guests, the Japanese had to seek help from the authorities.

At the same time, members of the bitcoin community is collecting money to support Californian hunted, tired of the excessive attention to his own person.

The next step made himself Satoshi Nakamoto. Although he (or they?) hides the identity, the actions of the media led to the need for public refutation. For this purpose he chose a personal account on P2PFoundation. The page contains only one entry that denies the connection with a certain boy, but do not shed light on real information about the Creator of the world's first cryptocurrency.

Who is the new genius of the level of Tesla or Da Vinci or a team of talented programmers? Mystery remains, even the number of BTC owned by Satoshi. According to rumors, it owns are assets of 1 million bitcoins.

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