EXMO lays krausel

EXMO lays krausel

Representatives of the exchange EXMO officially announced the postponement of the previously announced krautsalat to raise funds in the framework of the issuance digital currency. A new date is scheduled for April 26. The decision of the authors of the project explain the increased demand from investors.

In EXMO noted that on the background of the original forecast for the number of applications received for the tokens EXMO Coin was higher three times, and wish to use margin lending immediately mustered six times more than the approved plan. As a result, the company was not ready to such development of the situation and decided to take a break to provide the necessary degree of readiness.

In a statement the representatives of the EXMO indicated that the increased demand can not please the creators of the project, but at the same time it made me think about the possible ensure that the resulting demand proper resources. In the manual of the stock exchange noted that in the near future will concentrate own attention on the solution of two problems: first, the completion of system testing, and secondly, the accumulation of the necessary resources.


Running the same margin lending to the public performance can occur with the necessary degree of efficiency in March this year.

The team notes that the postponement of the initial deadlines apply solely to krautsalat, while all other items prescribed in developed for the project "white paper" will be implemented in the originally announced time.

Previously appeared information that the new network will be based on the basis of technology BlockStarter, tkryvaya the opportunity to exchange into tokens EXMO Coin of different digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several others) without any intermediaries.


Indicates that a scheduled krausel will continue throughout the month. Starting the 26th of April, it should end on may 26. All the details of the upcoming launch of the new coin developers detail on the pages of cryptocurrency exchanges in the appropriate section.

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