Futures bitcoin: stock report

Futures bitcoin: stock report

Bitcoin is a popular virtual coin, around which over the past two years of constant hype. The first report on futures on bitcoin was published only in April 2018 based on data filed by the Chicago Board of trade cryptocurrency exchange. Previously, the report was not published due to insufficient number of bidders: in accordance with the rules of the site, there should be thirty, but today their number does not exceed twenty.чикагская торговая криптовалютная биржа

Report Commitments of traders report — mandatory for traders. On its basis we can judge the positioning of market participants, their mood. According to the report, currently, the market is moderately bearish mood, as evidenced by in excess of 22 percent in the number of sold contracts purchased relative to the (large speculators market was purchased by 1077 contracts, and sold almost 150 more).

Also, a published report says a slight impact on the market of small traders. Currently they hold 599 of contracts for the purchase and 361 for sale. It is noteworthy that they are very optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency. There is another category of participants in the crypto currency exchange — hedgers who do not participate in the auction, but the open position against the large speculators.

In the first report there is no information about changes of positions of cryptocurrency on the exchange, so to draw any conclusions about the mood of the participants and predictions about the behavior of the virtual currency can not be done. However, in the next report all the required data must be present.

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