New Bitcoin fork

New Bitcoin fork

Every day compare the cryptocurrency Bitcoin a many-headed monster seems more and more relevant, not so long ago announced the emergence of a new fork. Recall that their total number is over 25 plugs and apparently the end is not yet.

Technical features of Bitcoin Cash Plus

The virtual cash is suitable for payments in the Internet. The system is decentralized, therefore, no need of involvement of third parties. This fork is an offshoot from the main Bitcoin chain, therefore the prefix "Cash" in the title is nothing more than a formality.

  • Official site of the new cryptographic coin for website hosting meets the American Unified Layer.
  • The names of the programmers who was engaged in the development, the official portal has not been published. Nevertheless, the presented information is enough to understand the system was developed by several independent teams.
  • The calculation of this fork will be made on the same principle as Bitcoin Gold. The block size is increased to 8 MB it became possible thanks to upgrading konsesualny rules. The web developers say that in the future this parameter can again be increased.
  • The difficulty is adjusted according to the same algorithm as in the case of VSN, provides emergency property to adapt to the characteristics of a particular situation. Stock Ticker of new fork – far.форкс

What are the advantages of the new fork?

Signature Sighash_Forkid will not work in the source system and other forks. Therefore, the next error is also excluded, therefore, holders of bitcoins will not mix transactions and, therefore, will retain the asset.

If we consider the strong hand, the first thing you should highlight the following qualities:

  • The maximum level of security, a minor Commission costs for transactions, high speed of transfer of funds from one account to another.
  • Mining digital currency is carried out on the algorithm Equihash. This Protocol is characterized by a certain functional complexity, which requires the maximum RAM. In this regard, to get this coin on the circuit Board, the ASIC is unprofitable, therefore, it is possible to work with custom computers.
  • Owners of the original coins will receive the equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash Plus the balance of the purse. By the way, some bonuses will be able to exchange, and the exchange services that will support the emergence of a new fork.биткоин кэш

At the moment to name specific areas, but soon the situation becomes clearer. On the official website of digital currency information is updated regularly.

Bitcoin Cash Plus – prospect or Scam?

Deplore the fact that the infrastructure of this network involves the community in the social network Facebook with 8 members and a forum in which discussions are under way to improve this system, as well as issues relating to maintenance.

The developers continue to insist that they created the best fork of Bitcoin. This is due to the level of security, speed, ACKeridania transactions, as well as protection from duplication. If we analyze the technical component, the system looks really promising. However, the rumors that is Scam pop up more often.

The fact that mine the currency was before the official release, hence the developers that is a significant handicap.

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