Overview ICO ARNA

Overview ICO ARNA

Recently, the operations ICO has become a common and popular form of attracting investment to young startups in the field fintehnology. At the heart of this scheme is the placement of tokens generated cryptocurrencies, buyers are become investors not just in coins, but in a young and promising project with the possibility of further dividends he participation.

The launch of the ICO

Recently, in the Internet you can find a lot of really interesting projects. One of them is ICO ARNA. The authors of a startup has made the closure of pre-sales and is prepared to implement the basic start-up ICO.

Project overview

Itself domestic project ARNA includes the segment of biotechnology, one of the most promising directions for today, involving innovative development and great prospects in case of a successful implementation.

The company has its own laboratory facilities that allow you to perform a wide range of medical research and experiments. The main area of work of specialists of the project is the diagnosis and struggle with cancer, the most dangerous of existing diseases, the effectiveness of which traditional methods remains mediocre.

The developers plan to attract a total of about $ 40 million. The main objective of the project ARNA create effective tests to detect the disease at stages when there is every reason for a successful fight against it without substantial negative impact on the human body.

The authors note that today there are samples of such tests that quickly, with high accuracy and at a reasonable cost to detect the presence of cancer in patients. As they relate to the detection of breast cancer, but work is being carried out in other areas.

Createawaymy specialists blockchain is designed to provide the storage and communication of medical character. It works on the basis of Ethereum and provides a system of bonuses to investors under the initial offering. The developers note that the blockchain allows you to save the truth, as information and the free access by users.

The authors of the project do not exclude the possibility that the present holders of the tokens at a certain stage of development of the company, a full-fledged shareholders in the traditional sense, getting possession of a share in the ownership proportions of the tokens ARNA.

Experts note that the project facilitates a team of professionals in medicine and business that increases the overall chances of success. Does the project have certain disadvantages that are typical of any new product, especially in the field of medicine.

However, as with any other ICO, includes traditionally high-risk investments, but the overall project is well thought out and the reality of its existence. It works not only in business, but also carries major social burden associated with contributing to the fight against cancer.

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