Patent wars of the crypto world

Patent wars of the crypto world

A patent is an exclusive right of use, and the cryptocurrency is the right to free use. How to connect these two incompatible concepts?

Network Bitcoin became the pinnacle of the development of cryptography, and was created by a group of developers who adhere to liberal, and in many respects even anarchist ideas. That is why the network was created based on open-source code and framework of the theory of decentralization, which excludes the possibility of existence of control by one or group of individuals.

In many ways, the openness was key to the success of Bitcoin and the subsequent cryptocurrency, but in the future world of financial technology are faced with the existence of patent law in all the more or less developed countries.

Experts in the field of Bitcoin say that the global success of digital currencies is possible only with a global platform, built on non-conflict situations, where access is open to each user. In theory this is true, but practice shows that with the development of technology increases and the number of patents obtained in the region of the blockchain, as the commercial component begins to take precedence over good intentions.

Basically, the patents get a large company, exist in the "real" economy, and developing recent innovations in the cryptocurrency world. We must recognize that even in kryptomere without patents, as "patent trolling" has not been canceled.

Patents in mining

The patent system can exist in mining, but it can become the beginning of the destruction of the entire system. Enough one user to patent the technology, pozvolyayuYu to obtain benefits in cryptodevice over other participants, as he will dominate, displace competitors and can dictate terms.asic boost

One of the main patents related to the creation of ASIC miners, allowing to obtain the performance benefit in the range of 15-20%. Patent AsicBoost belongs to a pair of developers Timo Hanke – Sergio Lerner. Later, the technology first used in the Chinese company Bitmain, while denying all allegations of violation of patent law. The situation has been brewing unpleasant, and Protocol SegWit, depreciated AsicBoost has helped to smooth out the problem.

In turn are themselves Bitmain is currently suing Yang Cwasinos, accusing the latter in stealing your own energy saving technologies.

The possibility of patent collateral

One of the tools to reduce tension in the patent area was the use of the patent collateral, that is the promise of the right holder not to use an aggressive order to own a patent, not to harm other market participants. There were further Defensive Patent License – a license free software that allows you to provide the necessary protection from claims under patent law.DLP

This scheme assumes that the parties share with each other all their patents, ensuring the dynamic development of technologies.

In the future, there is also the Blockchain Defensive Patent License – a license that has been adapted to the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Its main purpose was to protect the mining market from forming monopolies.

In General, experts recognize that patents can bring many benefits, but only if they are not directed against the limitations of KonkOrencia. With the latter there are serious problems, and there is no guarantee that once the patent owner will not want to enjoy the fruits of his work to "crush" the competition. The dispute is eternal and it continues.

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