Pavel Durov created a blockchain platform Telegram

Pavel Durov created a blockchain platform Telegram

Interesting news cryptocurrency received from the ex-employee An employee of the company Pavel Durov announced to the Internet community that the popular messenger Telegram will appear in the blockchaincomponent. A new platform called TON. It is difficult to say what does T – "telegram" or "the", but the rest of the letters are deciphered as open network.

For those who were disappointed by cloud mining, and who can't afford the equipment, the proposal from Pavel Durov might find interesting. Advantages much more than it seems at first glance. Messenger, which is used by over 180 million people, provides total privacy, thanks to the technology end-to-end encryption. The government, security services and other curious people can't get access to the private chats. The same fate awaits the new cryptocurrency, wallet which will be tied to the account. All transactions will take place directly from it.

The idea of monetization was introduced during the Vkontakte. But VK-rubles is not stuck, and the project turned into the early stages. Given a particular ideology Durov community, which is not used is, of course, why he decided now to hold the ICO, which is on the Facebook page said Rosenberg. These plans explain why all attempts to by Telegram has failed.

rong>Paul was doing in public statements said that will not sell the company even for 20 billion. Perhaps he hoped that the Western world is steeped in mining and the blockchain in General, heat will take the initiative. According to the developers, among users there are many specialists who are able to understand the prospectivity of the project.

The company is headquartered in the UAE, where he did not have to pay taxes, in contrast to Europe, the USA and Russia, where the state takes up half of the income.

Modern courses of cryptocurrencies and what will happen to the new guy?

Market blockchain – the most unpredictable in the world economy. Today a bitcoin is worth 1000 $ tomorrow – in 20 times more in a week, the rate falls to a few thousand. How to develop a new currency called GRAM in the conditions of tough competition? The authors of the idea say that initial popularity is assured using a simple interface and light wallets, in which to hold assets. Need a long PRcampaign, as there is a ready audience that is interested in any innovation.

Main news cryptocurrency from Durova

On the eve of the launch of the platform came a small clip on Youtube. It tells of the plans. Sounds nice, says about smart contracts and certain other features and benefits, but no specifics.

Still waiting for the technical details – how to produce new the crypt, which protocols are in use, protection and confidentiality. Many people are interested in the growth prospects of the course, and all of those other market news cryptocurrency you can always read on our website!.

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