Recent events crypto and blockchain world 14 July 2018

Recent events crypto and blockchain world 14 July 2018

July 14 is expected to be a fresh blockchain and crypto-events, including: the listing of a crypto asset on ONION cryptocurrency exchange RightBTC, conference Digital Currency Con, end the bounty program SCRIV and a few other important events. Stay tuned and be aware of the world crypto-events.

Logo FantasyGold (FGC)

FantasyGold (FGC)

14 Jul 2018

FGCArena Event #2

On July 14 in Las Vegas will be the first day of the event FGCArena Event.

Logo Blocktix (TIX)

Blocktix (TIX)

14 Jul 2018

Neverland Ticketing

The first event, which will launch a live pilot project of ticketing system based on Blocktix is a festival of Neverland.

Logo DeepOnion (ONION)

DeepOnion (ONION)

14 Jul 2018

Listing on crypto-currency exchange RightBTC

July 14, cryptocurrency asset of ONION is added in the list of cryptocurrency exchanges RightBTC.

Logo APR Coin (APR)

General Event (CRYPTO)

vnts-date">July 14, 2018

Digital Currency Con

14 July in Park city, Utah, USA, will host the second day of the conference Digital Currency Con.

Logo Synereo (AMP)

Synereo (AMP)

14 Jul 2018

Competition Worldcup

July 14 will host a conference Wildspark Worldcup Challenge.



14 Jul 2018

The end the bounty program

July 14, will end the bounty program SCRIV, where 50 winners will receive tokens SCRIV.

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