CoinSwitch became the largest service trade cryptocurrencies⭐app

CoinSwitch became the largest service trade cryptocurrencies⭐app

Platform CoinSwitch became the largest service trade cryptocurrencies. It presents more than 400 digital assets and 45 thousand pairs trading. CoinSwitch allows you to trade in multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including Changelly, IDEX, HitBTC and KuCoin, without the need of account registration.

Service CoinSwitch is a aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, so users have access to the most competitive proposals for the purchase and sale of virtual currencies. In this case, the platform does not provide services for the storage of coins, so they can exchange directly from your crypto. Software interface CoinSwitch allows customers to add shopping widget platform on your website and earn up to 50% of income from trading digital currencies. At the moment the service is added to 100 sites, and their number continues to grow. Guide CoinSwitch imposes no restrictions on partners, so any platform can cooperate with the aggregator. It is also important to note referral program in which a website pays a 25% fee for trading referral in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

On the website CoinSwitch implemented three main functions:

  1. A comparison of the course of crypto-currencies on different exchanges.
  2. The conversion of coins.
  3. Track shopping orders.

In CoinSwitch the data on the trading volume of the cryptocurrency, level of market capitalization and information on the number of coins in the sale. On the platform CoinSwitch you can also buy the cryptocurrency 31 (inm, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Verge) using a credit card.

Another useful trading tool was developed by the company Arbitraj LLC. Released two versions of the program Arbitraj: a web application and a plugin for the Google Chrome browser. In Arbitraj displays the difference in the price of the digital asset at different cryptocurrency exchanges, which helps the trader to select the optimal platform for trading of a particular virtual currency.

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