The Ethereum blockchain loses networks EOS and Stellar☝

The Ethereum blockchain loses networks EOS and Stellar☝

Blockchain cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) is losing popularity and networking of digital assets EOS and Stellar (XLM). The developers of decentralized applications (DApp) are increasingly favored competitors "King of the block chain".

Platform Ethereum was launched in 2015 and quickly became the main rival network Bitcoin (BTC). The success of the ETH blockchain was due to the fact that it was implemented function for creating a DApp, conducting primary supply of coins (ICO) and the development of smart contracts.

Now, however, the Ethereum network is inferior to the competition in performance and scalability. That is why the developers of decentralized applications choose the competitors as venues to run their programs. According to the publication Bloomberg, 48% DApp operate in the blockchain cryptocurrency EOS, network Tron works 24% of applications, while the share of Ethereum accounts for 28%.

The founder of hedge Fund Ikigai Travis Kling spoke about the current situation on the market of virtual currencies: "Ethereum Competitors to quickly build a customer base, increase the number of decentralized applications and number of developers. This has a negative impact on the market ETH, in the future, the value of the coin may be reduced".

Experts believe that the popularity of Ethereum crashes due to low-level network performance: in the ETH blockchain adding unit reaches 13 seconds, the rate is 1 second. Part of the problem is resolved by the upcoming hardforce Ethereum, for example, Ethereum Istanbul, but users now want to access fast platform, so prefer EOS and Tron.

Despite the overall negative trend, Ethereum manages to maintain its leading position in the market of carrying out ICO. The vast majority of the blockchain startups the primary offer of coins in the network ETH. The developers of Ethereum Foundation believe that the main advantage of the platform of ETH lies in the fact that it has the most active community. Due to this, the ICO cryptomeria run in Ethereum.

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