New app to send Bitcoin on Twitter

New app to send Bitcoin on Twitter

16 Feb new app to send cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) in the social network Twitter. A program called was developed by Tippinthat specializiruetsya on the provision of services for storage of digital assets.

App Tippin is an extension for the Chrome browser, which allows you to send Bitcoin to users of Twitter. After you install the program under each post to social networks option appears "Tip" (send a tip) in the form of lightning.

By clicking this button, you can send the user the coins BTC. Tippin handles transactions in the network, Lightning Network, which is ideal for instant micro-payments in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. To obtain a digital asset is a user of Twitter needs to install the extension Tippin and make the crypto.

The online community applauded the news about the release of a new program. Tippin eases the translation process of cryptocurrencies, as users can send money directly to social networks without having to open your wallet. In the future the company Tippin plans to expand the app's functionality for Chrome, increasing the list of supported social networks.

It is worth noting the positive attitude of the leadership Twitter to innovative development. Chief Executive officer of the social network, Jack Dorsey said that he likes the idea of cryptocurrencies in translation Twitter. Many people believe that the program will help create interesting content on the website, as users will be able to reward each other for interesting articles.

Payment Protocol Lightning Network was launched in the Bitcoin network in March 2018. It is designed to enhance the performance of the blockchain and reduce the cost of transaction processing. Technology Lightning Network serves as a kind of additional layer of the BTC network, it generates a payment channel between the sender and the recipient of cryptocurrency, this ensures that users have access to instant money transfers with low Commission for processing.

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