Hard forks of Ethereum in January 2019☝

Hard forks of Ethereum in January 2019☝

January 2, Ethereum (ETH) ahead of XRP in terms of capitalization and returned to its rightful second place. In January of 2019 in Ethereum the planned hard forks that will affect the course of bitcoin and blockchain.

The opinion of the crypto community about the future of Ethereum divided into 2 camps: some believe that ETH will continue to lose popularity, while others are confident in the prospects of the cryptocurrency. Many experts believe that January will be unusually hot month for Ethereum, and koinu will be able to return the item in the cryptocurrency market.

The opinion of experts based on analysis of market situation: for the last 2 weeks Ethereum has risen by 80%. The coin occupies the first place in the top 50 digital properties in the growth rate per day. ETH went up by 11.95% and is currently worth $152,24. Minimum cost ($84,97) for 2018, was reached on 7 December, then the price of the asset began to grow, 22 and 28 December there was a sharp jump rate of the ETH interfacethrough which the coin surpassed rival XRP in terms of capitalization.

The next few hard forks of Ethereum.

January 2019 planned 3 hard fork of Ethereum cryptocurrency:

  • January 11 - Vision Classic.
  • January 12 - Ethereum Nowa.
  • 16 Jan - Constantinople.

After the hard fork Classic Vision the owners of Ethereum will receive 3 koina ETCV for every coin, ETH. The result is Nowa Ethereum will create a new cryptocurrency, and all the owners of ETH will receive tokens ETN in 1:1 ratio. The main hard fork, Constantinople, aimed to upgrade the blockchain, which will facilitate the implementation of the Protocol consensus Docevidence of a share (proof-of-stake).

Hard the forks can weaken the Ethereum network, since due to the split of the blockchain, the miners will redirect computing power on the network, a new virtual currency. As an example we can remember the hard fork of the blockchain the Bitcoin cash (BCH), which occurred on 15 November 2018. Client developers BCH were unable to agree and made a real war of Harrachov, which primarily affected users of Bitcoin cash.

Even if in the course of implementing hard forks will be able to avoid conflicts, course Ethereum in any case be subjected to high level of volatility within a few days after the split network. At the moment Ethereum feels great: the year began with positive news and rising trends, however, we suggest to closely monitor the market situation, because there is a high risk fall in the value of the asset, especially after you implement the hard forks.

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