Agency Weiss Ratings was the rating of the cryptocurrency

Agency Weiss Ratings was the rating of the cryptocurrency

Independent American Agency «WeissRatings"conducted an assessment of the major cryptocurrencies. The focus turned Ethereum and Bitcoin other popular currency. According to the results of "WeissRatings», Ethereum standing slightly above the very first cryptocurrency. ETH has awarded the rating "B", Tspolicy "+".

Why Bitcoin behind Ethereum

Analysts of "WeissRatings" put Bitcoin below on several criteria: failures in the network of bitcoin, a large percentage of financial transactions and their slow implementation. Plus, rating Agency lowered the rating due to the lack of a clear algorithm, which can rapidly improve the program code. At Ethereum, of course, disadvantages, but the developers are permanently working on improving the Protocol.

"Ethereum at the moment helps to be ahead of faster upgrading of technologies and more rapid transactions. It eliminates other shortcomings."

Excerpt from the analysis "WeissRatings" about bitcoin:

"The developers of bitcoin are trying to solve network problems, there have been some successes, but not enough. Because they have not yet a clear mechanism for quick code updates".rating

The highest score was not one. The Agency put the crypto currency rating from "A" to "D". All analysts estimated 74 cryptocurrencies. In addition to Ethereum, a rating of "B" put another cryptocurrency EOS.

How does a rating of the cryptocurrency

To earn the highest score difficult. Even reputable cryptocurrency-pioneers are not necessarily the maximum. Probably, "WeissRatings" thus delivers himself insurance.

How assessed:

  • risk index;
  • the profit index;
  • inextensional component;
  • fundamental index.

By the way, the final outcome of the research Agency is interested in hackers. So they hacked several times protection "WeissRatings" and leaked the report to the network. As a result, the Internet is now not one, but several versions of the report. And the details are slightly different.

It is worth noting that many independent analysts reacted to the report with skepticism. Therefore, published data caused much debate in krypterade.

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