White Rabbit partnership offers streaming services

White Rabbit partnership offers streaming services

Representatives of the startup, White Rabbit is the first online cinema, based on the blockchain, announced the launch of its affiliate program designed to work with the streaming services. The total budget of the programme reaches one million dollars, with each video must count for 10% of this amount.

Necessary means the authors of the project expect to obtain accommodation: ICO, it is planned to collect the amount of funds determined in 25 thousand ETH or about 15-20 million dollars, given what today Ethereum course.

The new service will bring the service quality on the Internet content access to a new level. The platform will allow users to make direct payment to the right holder for watching movies and other videos without using numerous intermediaries, as is done now. As a result, the scheme will be transparent, and no commissions will reduce the costs of the network participants.

In addition, the service will allow storage of purchased files from your movies.

The developers specify the requirements for partners that they can become not only the existing projects streaming video, but also the future of the company, only currently at the stage of creation.

In the description of the "affiliate" indicates that it is able to provide producers access to a target audience, optimizing marketing activities when promoting your own product on the market. The actions within a single ecosystem will allow all participants to gain maximum impact.

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