What will happen to the bitcoin coming this summer?

What will happen to the bitcoin coming this summer?

While the first cryptocurrency in the world not showing the expected results. Spring is ambiguous, the course of bitcoin growing, falling, stormed the height in the range of $9000 – 10000, but nothing showed. The analysts did not materialize. The crypt slid to lows, making mining unprofitable, and to the maximum of $20000 also not returned. Come true the predictions of those who promised before the summer no major changes.

On the calendar the beginning of June, and on the chart – the obvious bullish trend. While the price at the bottom of the triangle. Now is the time to increase the volume of the asset, preparing for local growth during the ascent to the top.

If you focus on indicators, forecasts are also positive. In particular, RSI has finally fought off 30. It was after these rebounds usually capture all the key turns the coins.

MACD is moving slowly to the signal levels. The local bottom is likely achieved, but resistance now stopped at tmetc $7000. Nothing portends a negative trend.

The change of trend is confirmed by the position of the stochastics. It is quite a long time did not leave the area of nepribrannoy. If you follow the schedule, certainly noted this fact. Summer has always been a positive for bitcoin.

At the time of writing, the average rate reached $7662. Skeptics, promising peak to the support area of $6000 – 6500K, do not guess. Although the total daily rate is now slightly worse, showing minus 0.18 of -0.8%, as a whole, the leaders of the top in the black.

The chances and risks Jun

This was written by many – it is no secret that above $7500 possible local recession. The reason is bearish suggestion. But the most interesting is now the growth area in the range 8200 – 8300. It is likely that a new impetus will be another step correction. Now the bulls are preparing for a breakdown on the $9000, and this scenario is more realistic in current situation.биткоин график прогнозы

We can say unequivocally – in the summer of 2018 will not happen anything extraordinary. Nor 100, nor even to 20 thousand rise will not. There are no prerequisites, and the market is absolutely not ready for such outbursts. The big players are waiting, and not yet buying the asset in large volumes, as it was a year ago.

July – August, and the prospects and dangers

Second summer months is the most controversial. Most likely, it was during this period aktiviziruyutsya bears, forcing the least restrained traders begin to sell assets. Crypto-analysts recommend not to panic, waiting for the expected change in the dynamics. After further, closer to the fall, a possible new rise. What will be the figure of 12,000 – 15,000 or more to speak now could only a clairvoyant. The overall market situation shows that the middle and end of August should be several peaks. If all goes according to plan, the long-term ones worth buying to 7900, not later. Because then predict the exchange rate jump activity is problematic. To respond to the next cheers of about 100 thousand or a "bubble that will burst" makes no sense. As already stated above, for sensationalism preconditions do not exist.

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