The price of Bitcoin has stabilized.

The price of Bitcoin has stabilized.

The course leading cryptocurrency has stabilised after strong increases in the beginning and in the middle of the week, however, the output trend may change.

The price of Bitcoin is influenced by the criticism of the Central Banks. The head of the Central Bank of Romania Mugur Isarescu said:

"Digital assets can be called a means of payment with the big stretch, since they accept a limited number of retailers. Transactions in Bitcoin takes more time and requires a high cost compared to existing payment options".

The head of the Bank of England mark Carney expressed concern that virtual currencies are often used for conducting illegal activities. However, he believes:

"Crypto-currencies threaten the stability of the financial system because of their limited use and the small size of transactions."

Currently on the chart the dynamics of changes in the rate of BTC notes the weak bullish tendency. The price ranges in the upper part of the plug, Andrew (Andrew's Pitchfork), it means that the value of Bitcoin could rise to $7,000-$7,200, without changing a line of the bearish trend. In the case of rate fall below $6,000 there dolgosrochnyi trend to $4,000.график биткоина

In accordance with the average prices of BTC for 100 hours, the increase rate of the cryptocurrency will stop at the level of $6,610. In the case of continued bullish trend will need to break through key barriers at $6,700 and $7,000. Major support is around $6,483

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