10 years – the blockchain will sink into oblivion?

10 years – the blockchain will sink into oblivion?

Will Murphy, Vice President blockchainTalla.com, shares his views about the future, which after ten years, improving technology will lead to the fact that the very definition of "blockchain" thing of the past.

As Winston says about Murphy blockchain.

He suggests to think on this. Why this is called the "block chain"?

What is in the blockchain:

  1. The mechanisms of consensus
  2. Control mechanisms (metacontent about how to manage future improvements in the overall chain)
  3. The structure of the blockchain.

The third component, according to Murphy,affect the value of the network, speed implementation of cryptospeak, etc. that's why we call it a "block chain".
Murphy asks the question: what is the concept of the "blockchain"? And offers to disassemble the 2 components:Blockchain

Unit: set of transactions.

Chain: cryptographic blocks connected together.

Murph convinced that the need for the block will disappear. On change to it comes the system in which transactions are related to each other and confirm previous transaction.

The principle of operation is the following: sending a next transaction will be carried out once You check out the other queue.

What is it? This model allows to reduce time of transactions, in comparison with the transaction of bitcoin. A user of the system technically is not. Previous transactions are checked, therefore samaragazenergoremont may be reduced due to a greater number of people that will.vatsya system.

Count will replace the chain

Also W. Murphy believes that the chain in the future will represent soboyejo (count). Probably this will look as a non-linear set of branches directed in different directions. In these areas will run parallel transactions.
Probably, it will be known as "the count of transactions." In addition, the term will be Tangle (IOTA Protocol) for early concepts.
Something the graph will resemble a cloud, that is the place where data will be stored and the transaction.


Directed acyclic graph – that is similar to my vision of development.blockchain

How will the "blockchain" of the future.

Wikipedia gives the following definition. Directed acyclic graph (a directed acyclic graph, DAG from the English. directedacyclicgraph) is a digraph which has no directed cycles, but may be "parallel" paths emerging from a single host and in different ways coming to the end node.

The DAG model has a different working principle, in contrast to the block chain. Blockchain imply endorsement by miners blocks. But the DAG does not need a proof of work (PoW) and blocks.

There is a need for new management models.

Theoretically, the model can be improved by addition of new nodes. That is, it can be more perfect model for the internal commissions (in the language of ethereum, "gas"), and scalability, in contrast to current models of the blockchain.

Appears that will carry out the functions of the blockchain, only having had a more perfect form.

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