Bitcoin Cash defeated Bitcoin Cash SV✌

Bitcoin Cash defeated Bitcoin Cash SV✌

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) defeated the digital asset Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV), which was created as a result of a hard fork of the blockchain on November 15.

19 Nov Bitcoin Cash is by 42.7% more than BCHSV. Course Bitcoin Cash SV for the last day decreased by 28.35% to $90,34, Bitcoin Cash also fell, but only by 4.01% and is now worth $378,35.

The head of the company nChain, which has developed a network upgrade Bitcoin Cash SV, Craig Wright threatened to destroy the blockchain Bitcoin Cash, however, in practice, the war between the firms nChain and Bitcoin ABC ended after 30 minutes after the hard fork. 16 Nov developers BCH integrated into each unit of the so-called "control point" (checkpoint) in order to eliminate the possibility of any change in the blockchain in case of 51% attack.

On the concept of control point was told by the programmer Chris Pacia: "checkpoint is a code that prevents modification of the units of the network. Because the control points 51% attack will not bring result, because the software will not allow you to remove the blocks and transaction data".

According to chief Executive mining pool BTC.TOP Jung Guaira, the supporters of Bitcoin Cash SV could not winbecause the company Bitmainsupporting Bitcoin ABC, a 20 aksaka processing power, 4 times more than firms Coingeek and Calvin Ayre put together.

Despite the victory, BCH significantly lost after hard fork - November 15, coin value of $438 and November 19 only $378. Both the future of cryptocurrency (BCHSV and BCH) now depends entirely on the situation on the market. If the owners BCHSV will continue to sell the coins, the rate will drop even more.

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