Bitcoin and the future of money

Bitcoin and the future of money

In modern conditions, the money act as the main driving force of human development, in the exchange is a compulsory element of the relationship.

The existing system is far from ideal. Restrictions on transfers to various countries, high level of Commission fees to intermediaries, technical problems, possible blocking by controlling the operation of the organs, this frustrates the average user, forced to deal with all these shortcomings.

It is the presence of regulatory bodies hinders the development progress and puts numerous obstacles in the path of movement of financial flows. They determine, to permit the transaction, or to impose on it restrictions.

A new step towards the development of global financial systems have become cryptocurrency – digital money, allowing to exclude from payment transactions any regulatory authorities and intermediaries. The greatest distribution was received today by Bitcoin, but besides him there are dozens of other digital currencies with identical properties.

The use of technologies of cryptography and a distributed registry provides payment operations high level of security that is unavailable to traditional technologies of the Bank transfers.

Bitcoin is a new word in foreign relations. Built on the basis of mathematical calculations, it is a promising product for creating financial relationships outside of state regulation. It can be stated that mankind has made another step towards creating a global money.

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