BITMAIN launches tensor processors SOPHON and solutions for AI

BITMAIN launches tensor processors SOPHON and solutions for AI

8 November 2017 was held in Beijing AI World 2017 under the name "Universal-shoulder AI Power". Bitman was honored to be invited to the event, but its co-founder and chief Executive officer Micree Zhan made a keynote report entitled "planetary computing, managed AI", representing the bright future of revolution, AI, big data and huge planet-scale computing. He also officially introduced the world's first tensor computing ASIC Sophon BM1680, proudly declaring that she is already in mass production. The event Bitmain has demonstrated the chips Sophon BM1680, Sophon SC1 and SS1 Sophon. They also presented a live demonstration of intelligent video analysis, working on Sophon SS1. Official website Sophon, today began to live.

Company history and vision

In the last few years, with the rapid growth of data generation and breakthroughs in deep learning algorithms and computer architecture, AI has launched a new wave in global IT-industry, which led to a fundamental shift. This not only creates new opportunities; it also creates new problems. To meet the growing demand of AI on the computational power of current computer architecture faces challenges in the area of energy consumption, performance, memory bandwidth, slow growth implied by Moore's law, and more. Computer architecture is in desperate need of innovation.

"AI drives the innovation of a new generation in the field computers and computer architecture. From the point of view of images, voice recognition and natural language processing, applications of AI in deeper and continue to drive innovation in the industry," said Mikri Zhang, CEO of Bitmain.

"As a global leader of digital integrated circuits and solutions, as well as the world's largest supplier of ASICS for Bitcoin, we strongly believe that AI will soon have applications in every industry that will make the whole world more reasonable."

Bitmain is committed to provide the most cost effective and least energy-intensive computing power of the AI, based on strong experience in the design of ASIC, flexibility and full design capability of the system. We focus on completely custom design for applications AI and optimized hardware and system solutions to lower the barrier for implementation of AI + and dream about, to see what AI is implemented everywhere.

Consider the example of a server-side solution Sophon SS1, which we announced today. It is a complete integrated system with many algorithms in AI. Customers can just plug it and run a demonstration video Analytics; in addition, applications can be easily integrated into large systems video Analytics, causing the algorithms API. Customers can also choose an accelerator Sophon SC1 processor-based Sophon BM1680.

sophon tpu

ai world

Sophon BM1680, maps Sophon SC1 and SC1 +

Sophon BM1680 is a specialized tensor calculation ASIC for applications of AI and deep learning and a conclusion, supporting CNN, RNN and other deep neural networks.

Chip BM1680 made of 64 modules. Each NPU has 64 operating unit of the EU. FSL uses an improved systolic architecture and the interface DDR4.


Based on Sophon BM1680 Bitmain provides maps Sophon SC1 and SC1 +. Map SC1 has a single high-performance chip BM1680, and the map is SC1 + there are two chip BM1680that are connected via high speed SerDes Chiplink, introducing a new level of acceleration for deep learning.

sophon scsophon sc1 pcbsc1+

Software interface and a full SDK for Sophon Chip and Card Solutions

sophon chip

Server system Sophon SS1

Sophon SS1</strong> specific server system for mining videos and images, feature BM1680 and SC1, with the goal of providing holistic solutions for several scenarios AI.

Demo version of the Sophon AI Video Analytics

This demonstration shows a real application for video Analytics for the surveillance industry. It demonstrates the detection of motor / non-motor vehicles and pedestrians; providing fast recurring structural API Analytics.

sophon video analytics ai

Official English and Chinese versions of the website live. We welcome clients to visit us to learn more about our latest products and solutions. All series products Sophon is currently available for order.

SC1 / SC1 + Features and price:



SC1 +


1 x BM1680

2 x BM1680


2TFlops FP32

4TFlops FP32




Power consumption



The official price

¥ 4620 / $ 589

Available for sale

SS1 Featurs and price:


Intel E3 1275V6, 4 cores, 3.8 GHz (Max Turbo 4.2 GHz)

DL accelerator

2 x SC1 +

The official price

¥ 30400 / $ 3869


Bitmain was founded in 2013 and had a strong R & D capabilities in the field of HPC. He has successfully developed many ASIC and systems with extensive production experience advanced technology processing IC, 28 nm, 16 nm and 12 nm. The most representative case is the a-series chips BM to receive digital currencies. According to official data, the fifth generation of chips Bitmain, BM1387, is the least energy-intensive and high-performance computing chip with higher performance. It can perform 80 billion operations per second and was released in more than two billion.

Returning to her success in cryptocephalinae, Bitmain has already made an exit plan on the increasingly popular market AI. Support the development of algorithms AI, applications of AI and ecosystems industry ASIC, the importance of chips ASIC AI will become more and more important.

In the future Bitmain will continue to develop the AIto speed up the development of AI. According to Micree Zhan, CEO of Bitmain, the market entry of AI is an important step to create Bitmain its global brand. Starting with the development of ASIC for digital currency mining, and create pools, Bitmain managed without any support. Bitmain has built an entire supply chain and continues to increase its unique importance in the industry. And now is the best time to Bitmain for market entry AI. Building on a solid Foundation of the first generation product, looking to the future, Sophon will continue to improve technologies and to deeply invest in AI.

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