Blockchain and BTC industry will withstand the pressure

Blockchain and BTC industry will withstand the pressure

In the cryptocurrency news often publish articles that regulators in some country banned crypto exchange, and the turnover of the crypt were declared illegal financial transaction. The problem is that the government and banks see a new economic model as a threat to their financial interests, the scheme, which they built in the centuries to preserve the levers of governance. Decentralized network, in which neither the government nor the security services are not able to penetrate, seem to them blasphemy, an infringement on their sacred right. So will the pressure on blockchain and BTC industry.

About the future of bitcoin and other digital assets , the representatives of the media asked an experienced lawyer, working in the company Crypto Law Partners. People with the last name Einstein (though not albert and Gordon) spoke about his vision problems and the future of technology in General.криптовалюта закон

Gordon "topic" in 2014 and well studied legal aspects of the question. He agreed that "wild field" cannot exist forever, and the required regulatory framework for blockchain projects. Legislative initiatives of this kind, and not prohibitions that are important to the world economy. If all goes well, there will be a global commercial law, covering new and digital industry.

Along the way, you need to prevent fraud on tokentalk. The scope of the ICO as sophisticated as crowdfunding. And more dangerous for investors. Not having a legislative framework, people at risk of losing money. When startup create boys, which recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of receiving tens of millions of dollars of investment, it is difficult to resist the machinations. In the future, such cases will be rare. But before that, afterblows to develop a common vision securities, which will include tokens. No Bitcoin, no altcoins and crypto-tokens do not disappear under pressure from the securities commissions. But their creators have to follow the rules.

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