What is known about EtherZero the hard forks Ethereum

What is known about EtherZero the hard forks Ethereum

The trend of the emergence of many hardforum bitcoin, especially clearly manifested in the end of 2017, it becomes inherent to the network , the Ethereum, which is considered to be the second most popular cryptocurrency on the market. A group of anonymous developers said that 19.01.2018 were hardwork, which led to the split of the blockchain and the emergence of new digital currency Ethereum EtherZero (ETZ).

The first reports of EtherZero in the public appeared in the last decade of December of last year. They talked about the development of a decentralized next-generation platform for the development of a Smart contract. The development of this hard forks Ethereum was conducted by a team of professionals engaged in the development of DAPP.

The main characteristics of the ETZ, according to public information are:

- 2-tier network architecture with a Dash Masternode;

- high level of scalability and speed of transactions;

- zero Commission fees;

- offline community management EtherZero.

On ethereum.org, the official web portal developers ETH is missing any information and comments about the new hard forks ETZ.

The developers EtherZero report that users of this new cryptocurrency will receive approximately 116 million tokens ETZ, and one EtherZero equal to one Ethereum. In addition, they want to take away from the Ethereum about 10% of its capitalization, which 21.01.2018 was 102 billion.

On the site of the new hard forks can be found logos of cryptocurrency exchanges, which, according to developers, will support ETZ; from the trading platforms any comments on this issue have been reported. However, trading new coins has already begun on the site of the Yobi.

Oneto the creators of the popular web wallet for cryptocurrency Ethereum MyEtherWallet said that is still unknown is the source code ETZ and its authors, and no information about the license of the project. Tweet a web wallet it is not recommended to install ON the new fork, because it has detected a malicious. exe files. The team's cryptocurrency wallet Metamask the project EthZero phishing.

In response to this criticism, the team ETZ warned about the presence in the Internet of fake websites designed to steal financial resources from users of the new fork. For their neutralization developers EthZero going to enter the private keys of wallets for each user in a special field.

The critical attitude, until the rejection of the new project is present in a significant portion of the community relevant to the cryptocurrency industry. The greatest dissatisfaction is the anonymity of the team. In fairness it should be noted that there were reports that the gaming portal SmartPlay.tech may have related to this project. In addition, the Ethereum developers have repeatedly stated about the necessity of launching its own hard forks to solve the congestion of the network.eth fork

Despite doubts and criticism, the launch of the new fork can be considered successful. Plug on the block 493627 successfully works and now EthZero tested in the real space. The next stage of development of the new project should be the launch of the official network connected to EthZero customers with white IP addresses, presentation of tokens ETZ, pool for mining. The plans of the team until the end of the month to modify the code and to ensure stable operation of the network, to publish in open sources the source code.

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