EOS launches bounty program with rewards for found bugs

EOS launches bounty program with rewards for found bugs

While investors observe the growth rate of the cryptocurrency EOS, its developers launched the search program of critical errors in the new network. Care of blockchain Ethereum – an expected decision, but associated with greater risk. New core network raises many questions among specialists. Two days will be the official launch. If you find dangerous vulnerabilities, it will affect the reputation value of the token and the capitalization of the popular blockchain project.

Dan Larimer, who became famous thanks to successful startups Steem and Bitshares, does not want to lose face in the dirt. He is offering $10000 to anyone who will point out real flaws that affect the security of the system.

Bonus program – good publicity stunt. Also it will significantly accelerate the emergence of a stable version 1.0. On the launch of the bounty campaign, the developer wrote in his Twitter account. Rumors about the delay of the launch has not been confirmed. EOSIO v1 will be available just in time as previously announced.

Charlie Lee, who created the cryptocurrency Litecoin has divided the opinion of the community. With one hand he supported the important initiative. On the other – indicated a small amount of remuneration for blockchain project attracting billions of dollars in investment.

Skeptics believe that the scandal associated with defects found after launch, will lead to the collapse of the project. Larimer not be able to get it on your own authority. Not too late if he asked the community for help? Such questions are addressed not only Whether, but also other influential in the cryptocurrency environment, people.

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