Ethereum consistently goes up

Ethereum consistently goes up

The second most popular in the world of cryptocurrency Ethereum has reached its highest price values. After three weeks of finding value in the district $ 500 per coin saw a surge of 16% of the cost, after which ETH reached a record value 553,16 dollar. Weighted average daily rate was 533,92 dollar.

It is necessary to remind that earlier the cost of Ethereum had already exceeded the threshold of $ 500. It happened against the backdrop of increasing popularity of the game CryptoKitties that require the purchase of game magic digital money. In the result the trading platform has responded to the sharp increase in the number of transactions and the subsequent reboot of the network. Then during the week the increase in the value of the tokens reached 42%.

After normalization of the situation, the price of cryptocurrency few played back and continued to remain relatively stable below the psychological level for some time.

Recall that today the amount of capitalization Ethereum reaches of 51.3 billion dollars. Distributed network enjoys considerable popularity when building solutions in the FINTECH sector. In particular, most of the modern offerings. ICO is based on the platform of the "ether". Actively trading cryptocurrency the vast majority of existing digital exchanges and a large part of exchange services.

It should be noted that the positive dynamics of the value observed on the stock exchange and a number of other cryptocurrencies. In particular, its maximum price has reached the coin DASH and Litecoin. Cost is still growing and Monero, is rapidly increasing its own capitalization.

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