eToro added to the list of token EOS

eToro added to the list of token EOS

This week the news of the cryptocurrency flooded with articles about the EOS token. The reason is clear – the coin becomes more expensive, increasing the capitalization, took the fifth position in the ranking from Coinmarketcap. In the early summer of 2018 will be running a core network that can compete with Ethereum on the market blockchain platforms for developers.

Recently it became known that the crypt added the eToro platform. This platform differs from most brokers as it allows users to buy coins and store them for these purposes at your services. Couple EOS/USD was the tenth added to the list, along with NEO, Stellar Lumens, ETC, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash, Dash and Litecoin.eos обзор курс

Also EOS token will include in CopyFund Crypto – system diversification of cryptocurrency portfolios.

Causes of General interest

The growth rate is observed despite the fact that until the product launch is still two months. During the day, the quotes increased by 16.4%, which was the most impressive score in the top 10.

Take a look at the situation from the outside. 1 April coin cost a little more than $ 5, and was promising, but nothing more. Nobody thought that she will move to LTC and will be included in kryptolite less than a month. Now about the support I declare venture capital funds, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex level and Binance ready for listing after the issuance of a new token.

Skeptics believe that a temporary phenomenon, and the hype will end just in June. June 2 will be the moment of truth – launch of the core network, the success of which depends not only the price but also the future of the project as a whole. With a successful start cost EOS-coin blows up. In case of unsuccessful waiting for the loss of several positions.

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