How to buy Ripple?

How to buy Ripple?

The vast majority of people who took the decision to invest in the digital currency ripple, faced with the problem of purchasing the coins using a credit or debit card.Today, the range of available services for direct purchase of this cryptocurrency is extremely limited. Mostly used payment system or other cryptographic coins, however, these variants we will consider later.

In fact, the purchase of Ripple over Bitcoin is not the best solution. First, the double conversion occurs where the user loses money. Second, the dynamic fluctuations of the BTC significantly complicate the process of exchange. Thirdly, by the payment of a double fee for transaction and exchange.

Today there are many exchange services, but special attention should be paid to the portal Changellybecause it can help you to buy Tripp using a credit or debit card. We offer to your attention a detailed step by step instructions.

Step 1 – Registration on the exchange service Changelly

For creating a new account, Commission costs are not charged. However, note that for the implementation of the transaction, the user still has to pay a fixed Commission. Additional costs associated with the service profile are also not available, what actually makes this exchange service is extremely profitable.changelly

To start registration, please click on the button "Sign Up" button located in the upper right corner on the main page of the official website.

Of course, that to register a new account the user will also haveI am a working email address through which you can confirm the profile. To the specified e-mail service will send your registration information (password, username and other information).

Step # 2 – Select crypto-currencies

Once a user creates an account and completes a profile, you must select the exchange direction, of course, we have to choose from the list of different digital currency that is Ripple. Ticker of the asset – XRP.ripple

Open the homepage of the exchange service Changelly to select the desired currency, then in the corresponding field, specify the amount in U.S. dollars you plan to invest in the purchase of foreign currency.

When everything's done, click on the button "Exchange", all this can be done provided that a previously user logged in to the system. Further, the exchange service will automatically redirect the user to a page for payment.

Step # 3 – confirmation of the transaction

When the page opens the confirmation you should carefully check that you have the correct amount in U.S. dollars and the total number of coins XRP. If done correctly the user should verify the transaction.On the confirmation page, the transaction presents additional information about ongoing payments, for example, you can see the approximate time of enrollment cryptocurrency on the Ripple wallet. To complete the confirmation, click on the "Next"button.

Step # 4 – Enter the wallet address for Ripple

Of course that previously the user must register a purse, which actually will store the digital currency. It should be noted that some services provide the Destination Tag, which is also called tag assignments. This prop is used to identifylication of the payment and separation from other transactions. Therefore, in some situations, the user needs to specify this tag.XRP

To implement this task you can use different resources, but one of the best solutions is the portal Coinpayments. In fact, this network was not chosen randomly. First, it can be used absolutely free of charge, and secondly, for committing transactions are written off minor Commission costs.

To invest in the long term it is more expedient to use the service Ledger wallet Nano S. as soon As the address on the account and the tag of the destination, the user must click on the "Next" button to continue.

Step 5 – confirmation of these details

Exchange service will request another confirmation of the user-specified details. If everything is indicated correctly, to continue, click "Confirm and Make Payment".реквизиты

Step # 6 – enter details of the credit/debit card


It is in the process of the previous step, you created a transaction for the purchase of the bitcoin and Ripple. Now you need to pay for this acquisition. Click on the button "Pay With Visa/Master Card", and then specify the credit card details, in particular the CVC code. To see the amount that will be spent on the purchase of digital currency, click on the button "Pay".

Step # 7 – Confirmation of the payment via SMSts/uploadify/news/xrp6.png" alt="phone" width="50%" />

To receive the SMS confirmation, you must specify the cell phone number. Confirmation is a four – digit code. If the SMS does not come, then use an alternative method of verification of committed transactions.

In particular, you'll need a web-camera, you can use your smartphone. You need to record a small video, which you hold in your hand a document confirming the personality. For example, you can use a passport, open it to the page with the photo. After about 15 minutes the code will be displayed on the portal page.

Step # 8 – Get digital currency

When the validation code is entered in the appropriate field, the transaction is processed. In General, this process takes about 5-30 minutes. After waiting on the e-wallet will be credited digital currency Ripple.

The time of obtaining crypto coins XRP to wallet balance depends on the website where you created an account. For example, if the user made a choice in favor of Coinpayments, the coins will go to the balance extremely fast.

In addition, keep in mind the fact that the completion of the first payment, in principle, any service will require some time, because automatically checks the user's identity. The only way to detect fraud and to protect honest users.

The alternative is the acquisition of the Ripple payment system

Cryptocurrency exchanges is also an effective method for acquiring the digital currency Ripple, consider the most effective sites:

  • BITSANE platform started to work relatively recently, but has already proved itself from the best side. Here you can buy coins XRP with EPS Okpay Advcash or Bank transfer.</strong>
  • EXMO is on this site access to electronic payment systems is not available, but you can buy here for rubles or hryvnia.
  • BitStamp is a platform almost instantly makes payments, there is also a possibility of payment by credit card, but only for residents of EU countries.

To buy RIPP for WMR, Yandex. Money, Perfect Money or other EPS, use the exchange services.

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