Big BTC-portfolios becomes smaller

Big BTC-portfolios becomes smaller

You already used that the news of the cryptocurrency in December, often associated with bitcoin? If Yes, then you can hardly be surprised by the news and Lionel Laurent. This journalist with a column in Bloomberg, I noticed an interesting feature in the end of 2017. More and more large holders of bitcoins get rid of the assets and a number of smaller portfolios is increasing.

The author ironically, offering to sell cryptocurrency as ostentatiously attracting public attention. This kind of protection from accusations from the community. Don't want to branded a hypocrite after to protect BTC? Then we proceed as in Oldenburg, saying that you are more comfortable with the forks, as a more convenient means of payment. Or follow the example of the head of Litecoin, sold assets in order to avoid conflict situations inside

How to change courses of cryptocurrencies in 2018. It is time to sell?

The price of cryptocurrency on exchanges is changing too fast. On the background of these events, when a coin with 1000 dollars has risen to 20000, and then fell by a quarter, hardly surprised by the position of owners of very large portfolios. They don't leave the game and move on to other platforms, which peak value is found. Among the most interesting forks of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Some became interested in the Dash and other Althingi. The big players have played on the market rates at the time, as newcomers just entering the game.

Statistics on change in the qualitative composition of the holders of the bitcoin portfolios shows the tool from the Wayback Machine</a>. Looking at the December numbers, it is easy to notice that "agerhof" in the community was much smaller.

They explain the decision of the high commissions, low network speed, which can not save ppl were. Given that such people are not only millionaires, but also ITgeeks, that is likely true, and not excuses.

What cryptocurrency news waiting for the mining community and small investors?

While large pools that retain position. Sam mining remains highly profitable. It was the advent of commercially available asic-miners, explains the growth of ordinary users. Invest in some cloud mining, not wanting to waste time and money buying and setting up equipment. Whether these people pay attention to the running of the ship, hard to judge. Someone thinks this is the first indication of the necessity of the withdrawal. Other experts hint that scaring rumors on purpose, then to buy assets on a pullback before the next rise.

It is possible that the behavior of rich people, sold out crypto-coins to blame the bankers from Morgan Stanley, suggested the collapse of BTC to zero. The reasons are explained by the failure of major retailers to accept bitcoin as means of payment. Compared and the number of transactions within the system. Have VISA the amount reaches $ 17 billion/day against 300 million from blockchain competitor. Remind bankers about highertheir risks than in a traditional monetary economy.

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