The legend of the Atari goes into kriptonyte

The legend of the Atari goes into kriptonyte

The Atari name familiar to every fan of video games. In the distant 70-ies of XX century, this company has created a gaming Empire that their incomes could even compete with Hollywood. Exactly, Atari was the first startup, which is located in the Silicon valley. She entered into the five of leaders among the fastest growing companies in the history of the United States.atari

It would be wrong if since the beginning of the cryptocurrency boom manual Atari decided to use it to correct the reeled financial position. The official site of the company on the Internet was published information that says that the ambitious plans of developers – the creation of two new types of tokens, one of them will be used on the websites of the gambling industry.

To implement his plan, Atari acquired a 15% stake in Infinity Networks. The agreement allows the Gibraltar partner to use the world name of the developer of computer games and consoles.infinity networks

The new agreement should lead to the emergence of an entertainment platform, where "go" is a cryptocurrency, called Atari Token.

According to Frederick, Cesna, which occupies one of the leading positions in Atari, the management plans to take a strong position in the cryptocurrency market with minimal investment.

It should be noted that the name Atari Token already exists. It is a virtual currency that players can use within the "Turovsky" games.

Also in the published post claimed that after the appearance of the tokens, they will be integrated in an online casino.ariplay, which uses the symbols and characters of computer games created by Atari.

The plans of the once giant gaming industry is not over. Later the release of a special token for online casinos. It was called Pong Token.

According to Bloomberg, after such a striking statement, the price of Atari shares jumped 60%. Many analysts have compared the plans with Atari once made wishes from Kodak. Moreover, this comparison is not positive.

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