Best ICO project 2017 year

Best ICO project 2017 year

In the past year in the world, ICO has been a real revolution. Throughout the year, projects were able to gather in 12,5 times more money than before in the entire history of its existence. Increased many times and the sheer number of accommodation of coins. Put in a separate ICO cryptocurrency flowed the river, and closer to a 3.75 billion dollars for the year. Among the most successful of them are:

  • EOS. The project on creation of a platform to implement a variety of services based on the technology of the blockchain. For six months, the project attracted a record 883,4 million dollars.


  • Tezos. The project platform on the basis of smart contracts, is completely independent from the external environment. In just two weeks in the summer, the project has collected 232 million, but to date nothing has been created.


  • FileCoin. Cloud service based on blockchain decentralization and allocation of the volumes of all participants. The collection amounted to EUR 205.8 million, of which 65% for one hour.


  • Bancor. The project on creation of platform generator of virtual currencies, independent of market prices self-regulate. The amount of 153 million was collected in just three days.

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  • Status. The draft platform for a variety of applications Ethereum. In total, its creators were able to attract due to the ICO about 108 million dollars.


Russian projects are not as extensive, but among them there are worthy representatives:

  • MobileGo. A project to create a platform for creating games for mobile devices. The value of funds raised 53 million.


  • Russian Mining Centre. The project of production of domestic mining equipment. With plans in 100 million managed to collect only to 43.2.

Russian Mining Centre

  • SONM. Project in the sphere of "vague" computing for any applications. The amount of funds raised amounted to 42 million dollars.


  • Blackmoon Crypto. Service for working with investment funds on the basis of blogchina that managed to gather 30 million.

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  • Universa. The creators want to develop a service for the real sector of the economy with improved performance on the background of Bitcoin. To draw they managed to 28.5 million.


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