Mining will equate to business

Mining will equate to business

Latest news cryptocurrency is difficult to call a positive for the Russians. Over the past few years, officials and representatives of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has repeatedly spoken out about the sanctions and restrictions on the production and sale of cryptocurrencies in the country.

New message journalists TASS received from the representatives of the Ministry of Finance. A proposal to include the mining to the field of entrepreneurship. This will allow you to tax any user who installed the farm, mining bitcoin and other coins.

In addition, production and trade will be able to engage in only those citizens of Russia who have registered as individual entrepreneurs or legal entities. Authorities have repeatedly stated that cryptocurrency transactions should not be accessible to ordinary people, and that the sphere cannot remain unregulated. No less interesting is the position of the Central Bank does not recognize bitcoin and similar payment instruments. While there is no official status for these digital coins and ICO remained semi-legal.

All about mining

How will the decision of public authorities on the fate of the Russian miners? For many, this is the only way of obtaining income that is not taxable, and allowing to improve the financial situation. The level of profitability at current electricity costs and equipment already small, and the profits get only the exchange and exchangers. Simple people will suffer tangible losses associated with the licensing and other procedures. Still waiting for the decision of the state Duma of the Russian Federation on this issue.

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